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One Piece 1090 Spoiler Reddit: Blackbeard Causes Massive Earthquake at Sea!

One Piece 1090 Spoiler Reddit: Blackbeard Causes Massive Earthquake at Sea!

Possibly not Mother Flame that caused the massive earthquake at sea in One Piece, but Blackbeard. Fans can't wait to find out the continuation of chapter 1088 from yesterday. In chapter 1088, we saw the continuation of Koby's rescue moment on Beehive Island, where Koby displayed his newfound power.

On the other hand, we also witnessed the fate of Monkey D. Garp, who had a touching moment as his body was frozen by Aokiji. Many are now wondering if Garp is alright or if he has already perished. According to the spoiler information from chapter 1089, news about Garp's condition has spread worldwide. However, there's another interesting event that occurred in that chapter.

The Appearance of the Tremendous Earthquake

One Piece 1090 Spoiler Reddit: Blackbeard Causes Massive Earthquake at Sea!

In addition to the news about Garp's fate, based on the spoiler information for chapter 1089, a tremendous earthquake has been felt worldwide. The earthquake was felt in places like Wano Country, Logue Town, Cape Town, Impel Down, Marine Headquarters, Water Seven, and even the Mary Geoise region, among various other islands.

The earthquake occurred six days after Im used the Mother Flame to destroy the Lulusia Kingdom. In that location, a large hole appeared in the middle of the sea, resembling the large hole seen in Enies Lobby. Alongside the earthquake, there was also another event where the sea level rose by one meter.

The rise in sea level caused several islands to be submerged. The residents of Foosha Village were deeply worried about the increasing sea level. The big question now is, what actually happened? Who is responsible for this? In previous theories, it was speculated that the effect was caused by the use of the Mother Flame. However, what if the tremendous sea earthquake wasn't caused by the Mother Flame but by Blackbeard?

Blackbeard as the Cause of the Earthquake

One Piece 1090 Spoiler Reddit: Blackbeard Causes Massive Earthquake at Sea!

The idea that the earthquake was caused by the use of the Mother Flame in One Piece does make sense. The speculation is supported by the appearance of the large hole in the sea where the former Lulusia Kingdom stood. However, it is also more plausible that the cause was Blackbeard's usage of the Gura Gura no Mi power. Why is that?

If we go back to the peak battle at Marineford, we can see how Whitebeard created a massive tsunami intending to destroy the Marine Headquarters using the power of his Devil Fruit. But when the Gura Gura no Mi fell into Blackbeard's hands, the sea surface became unstable as Blackbeard was not yet able to fully control the power.

Blackbeard himself was later seen using the Gura Gura no Mi power in his fight against Trafalgar Law on Winner Island. Again, Blackbeard still couldn't fully control the power of the Devil Fruit, although he could manifest new abilities from it. So, it is highly likely that Blackbeard is the cause of the earthquake in the world of One Piece.

Blackbeard is probably currently training to regain control over the Gura Gura no Mi power in some location, and whether conscious or not, the effects of his training are causing the entire sea to tremble and the sea level to rise by one meter. Many Geeks are curious about what kind of figure Blackbeard will become with his Gura Gura no Mi power in the future.

Become a Tough Opponent of Luffy

One Piece 1090 Spoiler Reddit: Blackbeard Causes Massive Earthquake at Sea!

As you know, many fans think that Blackbeard will be Luffy's final opponent. Blackbeard will be Luffy's opponent at the end of One Piece. The battle between the two could have occurred before reaching Laugh Tale or after Luffy managed to become the pirate king.

The battle between Luffy and Blackbeard is predicted to be one of the most epic battles in the One Piece story. Seeing the drastic improvement experienced by Luffy, it is very likely that even now Oda is preparing Blackbeard to become a strong figure. And the effects of his Gura Gura no Mi training gave rise to a great earthquake in the sea of One Piece which even sank many islands.

It will be interesting to update how powerful Gura Gura no Mi Blackbeard's power is after the current training. It's not impossible that Blackbeard's level of power will be much more powerful and extraordinary than before, which is a way to be able to match Luffy's powerful strength. 

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