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Ryoko Hirosue Announces Her Divorce


Ryoko Hirosue Announces Her Divorce

Actress Ryoko Hirosue has announced her divorce from artist Candle June.

Through her agency's official website, Hirosue wrote, "This is a personal matter, but after discussing with Hirosue Jun-san, we reached an agreement and have filed for divorce."

She also revealed, "Regarding the custody of our children, I will continue to live with them as their guardian." She then stated, "I was worried that I might cause more trouble regarding my private life, and I honestly considered whether I should announce my divorce or not. However, I decided to do so in the hope that this announcement will put an end to the divorce case, and my children will no longer need to worry."

Looking back to June, it was reported that Hirosue was involved in an affair with renowned Michelin-starred chef Toba Shusaku. After she admitted to the affair, FLaMme, Hirosue's agency, announced that the actress would face disciplinary action for an indefinite period.

The news of Ryoko Hirosue's divorce came as a shock to many fans and the media alike. The actress, known for her successful career in both television and film, had been married to Candle June for several years. Their seemingly happy relationship had often been the subject of admiration and envy among fans, making the announcement of their divorce all the more surprising.

Since the news broke, speculation about the reasons behind the couple's decision to part ways has been circulating in the media. Some sources have cited the reported affair with Toba Shusaku as the main cause of the marital issues. However, neither Hirosue nor Candle June has publicly addressed these rumors, leaving fans to wonder what led to the breakdown of their marriage.

Despite the difficult circumstances surrounding their divorce, Hirosue expressed her commitment to being a responsible and caring parent. The statement about continuing to be actively involved in her children's lives as their guardian reassured many fans who were concerned about the well-being of the couple's offspring amid the divorce proceedings.

The divorce announcement also shed light on the toll that celebrity life can take on personal relationships. The constant scrutiny from the public and media can put immense pressure on individuals, often leading to strained relationships and even breakups. Hirosue's candid acknowledgment of the challenges she faced in deciding whether to make her divorce public highlights the importance of mental and emotional well-being, even amidst a public career.

As the news continues to make headlines, the public's attention remains focused on how the couple will handle the legal aspects of their divorce and the future custody arrangements for their children. Fans have expressed their support for Ryoko Hirosue during this difficult time, sending messages of encouragement and understanding on social media platforms.

It is important to remember that celebrities, like all individuals, are human and face personal challenges and struggles in their lives. While their professional success and glamorous lives may be the subject of fascination, it is essential to respect their privacy and offer empathy during trying times.

As the situation unfolds, many hope that both Ryoko Hirosue and Candle June will find the strength to navigate through this difficult period and ultimately find happiness and peace in their separate paths. Their fans and well-wishers stand by them, sending love and support as they move forward in their individual journeys.

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