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Explanation of Kushina's Transformation in the Minato Manga!

Explanation of Kushina's Transformation in the Minato Manga!

In the one-shot manga "Minato," Kushina Uzumaki undergoes a transformation where she turns into the Nine-Tails. Kushina Uzumaki is one of the essential female characters in the Naruto story. She is known for being strong-willed and determined, with dreams of becoming a Hokage at the time.

Unfortunately, in the main Naruto or Boruto story, there was never a deeper exploration of Kushina's character. The latest Naruto one-shot manga focusing on Minato Namikaze sheds some light on Kushina and her role as the Jinchuriki of Kurama. What's interesting is that she undergoes a transformation into the Nine-Tails, but what does it mean?

Kushina as the Jinchuriki of Kurama

Explanation of Kushina's Transformation in the Minato Manga!

Kushina Uzumaki is one of the Jinchuriki who has housed Kurama in the Naruto story. She succeeded Mito Uzumaki, the wife of Hashirama Senju, as the Jinchuriki of Kurama. After the battle between Hashirama and Madara at the Valley of the End, Kurama was freed from control.

To prevent Kurama from rampaging and destroying Konoha and its surroundings, Mito Uzumaki sealed the Nine-Tails fox inside herself, becoming the first Jinchuriki of Kurama. Mito Uzumaki remained Kurama's Jinchuriki for decades until she grew old. She then passed on Kurama to be sealed within Kushina's body.

Like Mito Uzumaki, Kushina comes from Uzushiogakure village. However, her village was destroyed, leading Kushina to move to Konoha. In the Minato one-shot manga, it shows how initially Kushina was afraid of becoming Kurama's Jinchuriki. However, Mito advised her and revealed that she was also scared and worried about her body and everything else. But she filled her life with love, which made her life happier. Mito asked Kushina to fill her heart with love and affection, which later reminded her of Minato Namikaze.

Kushina's Control Over Kurama

Explanation of Kushina's Transformation in the Minato Manga!

In the Naruto story, fans rarely see the feelings or experiences of Kushina as the Jinchuriki of Kurama. It could be said that Masashi Kishimoto never explored this aspect. The only moment that showed Kushina's ability to control Kurama was when Naruto fought the Nine-Tails to tame its power.

Since Kushina's chakra is inside Naruto's body, they eventually meet for the first time. Kushina then explains the events of Naruto's birth and helps him realize how much he is loved and how his parents sacrificed themselves for him. Besides that, there are no other moments that showcase her character.

In the Minato one-shot manga, we see a little more of Kushina's power in controlling Kurama's chakra. This moment is depicted when Kurama tries to attack Minato. It shows how Kushina was actually capable of controlling the Nine-Tails.

However, it must be acknowledged that Kushina's control over Kurama is not as exceptional, especially when compared to Naruto's control over the beast. Kushina even struggled and couldn't fully control Kurama at some point. But it was different when Kushina was inside the seal prepared by Hiruzen. In the manga, it is shown that Konoha prepared a seal within a specific radius that Kushina could explore or visit.

Hiruzen deliberately set up this seal to prevent Kurama from rampaging. While within the seal's boundaries, Kurama could be well controlled by Kushina. However, when she broke out of the seal, her ability to control the beast diminished. This is also what leads to her transformation, where Kushina turns into the Seven-Tails monster.

Explanation of Kushina's Seven-Tails Form

Explanation of Kushina's Transformation in the Minato Manga!

When she broke free from the existing boundaries, Kushina's seal appeared to weaken to the point where Kurama could easily take control of her. As Kurama began to take over Kushina's body, she emitted chakra originating from Kurama that coated her body. At that moment, Kushina completely lost consciousness.

The effect was severe; Minato was heavily injured with just one attack. In this form, Kushina also displayed several tails. As time passed, the transformation became more terrifying as more tails appeared. Fortunately, Minato then used the Eight Trigrams Sealing Jutsu to strengthen the seal of Kurama within Kushina's body.

This surprised Kurama since Minato was not from the Uzumaki clan but could use the seal taught by Kushina. However, Minato's seal power was not strong enough to contain the immensely powerful Kurama. Kushina ended up manifesting more tails.

In the end, Kushina reached the point of having seven tails. Her Seven-Tails form differed from Naruto's. While Naruto's form had a fox or Kurama bone structure, Kushina's form lacked such features. Nevertheless, Kushina demonstrated herself as a shinobi with strong determination and started to fight back.

This differed from what happened to Naruto. When he transformed into the Four-Tails, Naruto couldn't distinguish friend from foe at all. However, Kushina was still capable of resisting and fighting against Kurama. In fact, she cooperated with Minato to stop Kurama's efforts.

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