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One Piece Chapter 1089 Spoiler Reddit: Luffy vs Gorosei!

One Piece Chapter 1089 Spoiler Reddit: Luffy vs Gorosei!

Manga One Piece Chapter 1089 reveals the Straw Hat Pirates' plan. 

According to the Indonesian version of One Piece Chapter 1089, this plan is to confront the Gorosei and the Navy.

Here are the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1089 in Bahasa Indonesia:

Vegapunk is the one who forces York to make contact and seek help from the Gorosei. 

During the communication, York says, "Save me from Luffy," even though he is already under the control of the Straw Hat Pirates.

It appears to be a joint plan between the crew and Vegapunk to take down their enemies. 

In this chapter, people react to the news of Garp's defeat. Garp falls after being outnumbered by Blackbeard's Commanders and is frozen by Kuzan's ice power.

While being frozen, Garp is seen laughing, just like Jaguar D. Saul did in the past. 

Nonetheless, Garp manages to rescue SWORD members, including Captain Koby. 

News of Garp's defeat has been posted in the newspaper, and there are more reports about disasters happening all over the world.

Readers get a glimpse of something related to Lulusia's disappearance. 

There is a giant hole where Lulusia used to be, and this hole causes the surrounding sea level to rise. 

The chapter shows the situation on Egghead Island, where a large number of vice admirals are gathering alongside Kizaru and Saint Jaygarcia Saturn.

The Navy forces are discussing how they will block all the exits on Egghead Island. 

Additionally, there is a flashback in Chapter 1089, showing Kizaru, Vegapunk, and Sentomaru. 

Kizaru is currently on Egghead Island with Gorosei Saint Jaygarcia Saturn and has been given the mission to kill Vegapunk. 

Meanwhile, Sentomaru is there to protect Vegapunk, and the three of them are connected as they all come from the Navy.

At the end of the chapter, York calls for Gorosei, saying, "Save me from Luffy!" and the Straw Hat Pirates' influence is spreading rapidly.

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