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Blue Lock Chapter 224: Raichi Gets Snuffy's Watch Guard Duty!

In Blue Lock chapter 224, the match continues with a new strategy from Isagi. He even asked Raichi to be willing as a sacrifice!

Sexy Protractor Mode

The match continued with a deep throw by Uber. Drago passes the ball to Lorenzo who is guarded by Kaiser, while Snuffy watches the field.

Raichi came close to Snuffy to escort him. A flashback is shown where Isagi asks Raichi, "Are you willing to die?".

Raichi is taken aback by the question, but Isagi explains that this is a duel and he wants Raichi to be Snuffy's guard with a radius of 2 meters or less, limited to a semicircle. Raichi was initially confused by these instructions, but Isagi provided a further explanation.

The goal is to hinder Snuffy and limit his moves, not to steal the ball. Isagi assures Raichi that if he pulls it off, his name will become world class.

Counter Strategy

Back on the court, Raichi keeps a close eye on Snuffy. Snuffy tries to get past Raichi, but doesn't make it.

Snuffy acknowledges Raichi's prowess on defense. Isagi gives credit to Raichi for his good job blocking Snuffy and remembers his main goal is limiting his attack options.

Snuffy didn't have a chance to attack, so he passed the ball to another player. From that pass, Isagi predicted that the starting point for the next attack would be Lorenzo and tried to block him.

However, Aiku suddenly manages to get on the ball before Isagi can. Aiku explained that their game pattern had been prepared by Snuffy if he was heavily guarded, then Aiku had to cover the vomited ball.

Ball Back to Barou!

The ball from Aiku then returned to Snuffy, and Snuffy immediately gave a pass to the final point of this strategy, namely Barou Shouei!

Although Isagi had improvised plans, the Uber team had anticipated their moves. Isagi was overwhelmed by the level of their playing and felt that his brain couldn't keep up. He felt that his IQ did not deserve to be on the world stage.

Blue Lock chapter 224 closes with Barou's attack which now controls the ball. But Isagi's tactic was appreciated by Gagamaru. Even though the ball was at Barou's feet, he was confident he could deal with this attack.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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