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Spoiler One Piece 1086: World Government Conspiracy, Slander Sabo Kills Cobra Corners the Revolutionary Army

Currently, the One Piece 1086 spoiler is widely spread, which tells the story of the conspiracy of the World Government, as well as the slander of Sabo killing Cobra cornering the Revolutionary Army!

Previously, in One Piece 1085, the secrets of the World Government were presented.

Initiated by the gathering of the alliance kings at Pangea Castle, King Cobra or Vivi's father asked about his ancestors who were at odds with the World Government.

The story gets even more exciting when finally the tallest figure who is at the heart of One Piece's big problem appears.

Namely Im the same so that makes the story very interesting and look forward to the next chapter soon.

It is known that Cobra was attacked by Im at the same time when he was about to reveal about the D family

Sabo who was there was too late in protecting Vivi's father so he could not be saved.

This makes Cobra convey a message that the Eneftari royal family is the D family and please convey it to Luffy.

Of course Sabo was shocked considering that his boss was Luffy's father in the Revolutionary Army and also the person who bears the name D.

Unfortunately, the World Government's crimes did not stop there and Sabo, who was near Cobra, was actually used in world media photos if he was the killer!

This obviously sent the world into an uproar and caused an extraordinary commotion.

The hope of the world through the rebellion of the revolutionary forces is to actually do heinous things that will find it difficult to gain the trust of the common people anymore.

Of course it's a great loss for the Monkey D Dragon troop, who previously wanted to attack the World Government, it's as if they got a weapon to eat, sir!

Thus the review of interesting stories from the spoilers of Manga One Piece chapter 1086
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