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One Piece: Nefertari Lily Is Kozuki Toki?

The latest chapter of the One Piece manga has sparked great speculation among fans that Nefertari Lily is Kozuki Toki. 

It's not uncommon for Eiichiro Oda to "keep secret" some of the characters in his stories. Oda deliberately did this to be revealed later in the upcoming storyline. 

An example is the character admiral Green Bull aka Ryokugyu.

Currently, Oda Sensei is keeping a secret a new character that appeared in chapter 1084 yesterday, namely Nefertari Lily. 

According to Cobra, the figure of Queen Lilly disappeared 800 years ago. 

Other than that, there are no traces of recorded history regarding Nefertari Lily. This is what later gave rise to speculation among fans that Lily might be Kozuki Toki.

Disappearance of Nefertari Lily

In chapter 1084 we see how Nefertari Cobra confronts the Gorosei as well as Im. He was trying to find out about the true facts about Nefertari Lily. 

According to Cobra's narrative, Lily was the queen of Alabasta 800 years ago who disappeared without a trace. 

In fact, there has never been any historical record written about Lily or mentioning her existence.

This is what then makes Cobra curious about the whereabouts of Queen Lily. Unfortunately, when he tried to ask the Gorosei about this, they avoided answering the question. 

They said they did not know what happened to Lily and where she was. Even so, it is believed that the Gorosei and Im have been speaking lies.

They might be hiding the fact about Lily's whereabouts. 

However, what's interesting is that there is a theory that states that Lily's disappearance might have something to do with previous events. In this case, the theory is that Nefertari Lily might be Kozuki Toki.

Lily is Toki

How then is the figure of Nefertari Lily the Kozuki Toki who appeared 20 years ago in the Wano region? 

According to his theory, there are several things that Oda presents in the story that become a clue if Nefertari Lily is Kozuki Toki. 

For example, every main character or major character in the One Piece story, Oda always presents his past stories in no hurry.

Oda likes to present various details of his characters, such as pain, trauma, and the motivations they experience. However, if geeks pay attention to this, Oda doesn't present it in the figure of Toki. 

The story begins when he appeared 20 years ago and at that time he was trying to get to Wano. We will never know why and what reason Toki has to go to Wano.

Then, as appeared in the information in chapter 1084 yesterday, Lily was confirmed to be from 800 years ago. 

And after she helped form the World Government organization, Lily then disappeared without a trace. The next clue is that Toki's own name may not be his real name. 

She probably used that name to hide his true identity, which is none other than Nefertari Lily as we saw in the Wano arc in the One Piece story.

By using this pseudonym, the theory explains that Lily was deliberately trying to go to Wano to meet the Kozuki clan. The Kozuki clan itself is known to have close connections with the D clan. 

Meanwhile, Wano itself is a territory that is not bound or not part of the territory of the World Government. 

Thus, Nefertari Lily might want to ask the Kozuki clan for help with her grand plan.

If this is true, then perhaps the theory can explain the contents of the letter Oden gave Toki before his death. In the letter, Oden said that Toki has a role or task with his devil fruit power. 

In chapter 1085, Toki writes a letter to his descendants asking them to protect the Poneglyphs and bring big changes to the world.

It could be, this is what later became Toki's goal, which is to help bring big changes to the world. 

How to? Namely by contacting or meeting groups or parties who can help bring about these changes such as the Kozuki clan. 

On the other hand, this is also the reason why Lily disappeared. 

Because, he went to the future to carry out his plan.

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