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One Piece: Mihawk is a Descendant of Im!

One Piece: Mihawk is a Descendant of Im!

The figure of Dracule Mihawk, the world's greatest swordsman in the One Piece universe, is likely a descendant of Im, the ruler of the world.

Dracule Mihawk is one of the popular characters in the One Piece story, despite rarely appearing.

Similar to Shanks, Oda Sensei only showcases Mihawk's presence a few times. 

For example, in the Baratie arc, before the timeskip, and post-timeskip.

However, in the Egghead arc, Mihawk's character starts to appear more frequently and has a larger role.

For instance, Mihawk's decision to join the Cross Guild group along with Crocodile and Buggy.

What's interesting is that speculation arises suggesting a connection between Mihawk and Im, where Mihawk is a descendant of Im.

Have the Similarity of Eyeballs

One Piece: Mihawk is a Descendant of Im!

You might be wondering what then made Mihawk have a connection with Im and be suspected of being Im's descendant.

The theory explains that they have one thing in common, namely there is a ring shape inside their eyeballs.

So far, in the new One Piece story, Mihawk and Im have "spiral eyes" or spiral eyeballs with two circles containing pupils.

However, there is indeed a difference in terms of the colors of the two circles. 

In the anime version, yellow circles appear in Mihawk's eyes to make it look like an eagle. 

However, in the manga version, Mihawk's eye color is the same as Im's. 

The theory itself believes that this was not an accident by Oda. The similarity may have a certain meaning.

What's also interesting is that the eyeball is similar to the eyeball of Zunesha, a giant elephant who was a former partner of Joy Boy who brought the island of Zou. 

Zunesha must serve punishment for his past crimes.

Through these eyes, Zunesha is able to show a vision or vision into Momonosuke's head. 

And this allows him to see what Jack and his men are up to.

When the peak war at Marineford occurred, Luffy was about to attack Mihawk. 

However, he realized that it was a mistake where his arm might break off. 

Many are sure that it was Luffy who used his Observation Haki unconsciously. 

However, this theory also states that Mihawk did the same thing as Zunesha did to Momonosuke.

In this case, Mihawk shoved a vision into Luffy's head of what would happen if he tried to beat him up. 

In that moment, Oda then showed Mihawk's unique eyes like when Zunesha gave information to Momonosuke. 

Mihawk himself has the nickname "The Clairvoyant" which means he can predict, see, or predict future events. 

Mihawk's senses also have more functions than normal humans.

Although it is still not confirmed, there is a possibility that Im, who has the same eyes as Mihawk, is also capable of projecting his thoughts or visions onto other people. 

When the Gorosei ask Im for directions on who they should eliminate in the Great Cleansing moment, Im doesn't say a word. 

Likely, Im put what Im thinking into Gorosei's head. 

And how Oda has described Im all this time, by only focusing on the eyes, makes quite a lot of sense.

The Mihawk, Im, And Zunesha Connection

One Piece: Mihawk is a Descendant of Im!

Having the same eyeball pattern is not the only factor that has led to the theory that Mihawk is Im's descendant. 

Im has control over the black arrow, while Mihawk has control over the black sword, Yoru. 

The markings or symbols on Yoru's sword are similar to those on Im's throne. These two characters also sit on a throne.

While this may be an accident, it is still an interesting fact that provides clues about the connection between Im and Mihawk. 

The theory states that there is a possibility that Mihawk is Im's former guard. 

However, it could also be that Mihawk and Im are closely related, in this case Mihawk is a descendant of Im.

The Pangea Palace where Im lived was inspired by a palace in France which was built in the 16th century. 

Interestingly, the clothes that Mihawk wears have similarities to the French king's guards in the 16th and 17th centuries. 

In the SBS column, Oda shows the past of the Shichibukai who where Mihawk's childhood was different from now.

The eyes that Mihawk had probably did rise when he trained hard and showed his determination. 

However, this does not rule out a deep connection between Im and Mihawk. 

In fact, it's not impossible if the two of them are also connected to Zunesha the giant elephant.

Important Roles of Im and Mihawk

One Piece: Mihawk is a Descendant of Im!

In the final part of One Piece's story, Mihawk and Im will likely have a very important role. 

And this is evident from the two characters that rarely appear now starting to get involved in big events. 

As mentioned above, Mihawk is now a member of the Cross Guild which is again getting the attention of the navy.

Meanwhile, Im just started getting involved in the story in the last few chapters. 

In fact, in chapter 1085, Oda finally showed Im's strength, even if it was just a glimpse. 

With such extraordinary strength, it's not an exaggeration if Im really will be the last opponent that Luffy will face at the end of his story. 

And this is also what might happen to Mihawk.

Even though in the timeskip Mihawk acts as a mentor to Zoro, he is still his main enemy. 

The reason is, Zoro dreams of becoming the strongest swordsman in the world which is Mihawk's title. 

That is, to be able to get the title Zoro must be able to shift Mihawk's position. 

And chances are it will happen at the end of the story or towards the end of the story. 

Let's just wait for the action of these two characters in the next chapter.

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