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One Piece: God Valley, Dragon Heaven Residence!

The God Valley region is likely the home of the Celestial Dragons in the world of One Piece, one of which is the residence of the Saint Figarland family. 

The name God Valley has only recently emerged in the One Piece story. 

The region is famous for a significant event that is not widely known. It appears to be one of the important territories.

In the One Piece story, there are indeed many popular and significant regions, such as the Sabaody Archipelago, which is the gathering place of the Worst Generation. Or the Wano region, known as a closed-off territory from the outside world. 

However, there is one intriguing and mysterious place, which is God Valley. 

There is a possibility that God Valley is the home of the Celestial Dragons.

The God Valley Incident

Fans might recall the God Valley region through the story presented by Sengoku, where a major event known as the "God Valley Incident" took place. The God Valley Incident occurred almost four decades ago. 

According to Sengoku's account, the God Valley Incident is one of the most significant incidents or events in the world of One Piece.

At that time, a pirate force led by Monkey D. Garp fought against the most fearsome pirate group in the world, Rocks D. Xebec. 

Until now, it remains a mystery what triggered the initial outbreak of the battle. 

However, based on several details presented during the event, it is suspected that the Marines were protecting the Celestial Dragons.

In the One Piece story, we have seen several instances where the Celestial Dragons don't always stay in Mary Geoise. 

They would travel to various places, such as when Saint Charlos was in the Sabaody region. 

According to Sengoku's account, the attack on the Celestial Dragons was one way for Rocks to fulfill his dream of becoming the ruler of the world.

With the tremendous power of the Rocks crew, the Marines were somewhat overwhelmed in facing them. And an epic moment occurred amidst the battle. 

The Marines, particularly Garp, formed an alliance to confront Rocks. The Rocks group itself was known to possess power far greater than even Roger himself.

After the defeat at God Valley, the entire Rocks pirate crew finally decided to disband and live their own lives. 

And according to Sengoku's narrative, after that incident Im also decided to destroy the island of God Valley and erase historical records about the event and about the island.  

This was the reason why not many people knew about God Valley or the events of God Valley.

The Residence of the Celestial Dragons

Until now, fans may know that the residence of the Celestial Dragons is Mary Geoise, located on top of the Red Line. 

However, what if there is another region that serves as the home of the Celestial Dragons, namely God Valley? 

This might be the reason why the region is named 'God Valley' or the 'Valley of Gods.' 

Additionally, this could explain why there are many Celestial Dragons in that area.

However, the biggest clue itself appeared at the end of Chapter 1086. In that chapter, it is shown how Saint Mjosgard receives a death sentence as a sanction. 

This happens after Mjosgard protected Shirahoshi by attacking Saint Charlos. 

The one who becomes his executioner is a new character named Saint Figarland Garling. He is the leader of the Holy Knight group.

What's interesting is that in the information box in that panel, it is explained that Garling is a former leader in the God Valley region. 

Based on this information, it means that God Valley is not just an ordinary region. 

It is the home of many Celestial Dragons, aside from Mary Geoise, including the Saint Figarland family who are leaders in that area.

This answers the puzzle of why Shanks could be found by Roger in the God Valley region inside a treasure chest. It turns out Shanks was born in that region. 

However, there are still many significant questions that arise regarding God Valley. 

For example, why was Shanks inside the treasure chest and discovered by Roger?

What was the reason Im destroyed God Valley? Why then make Garling the leader of the Holy Knights if the God Valley territory is then destroyed?  

Maybe, Oda will provide clues for the answers to these questions in the next chapter. We are looking forward to the next chapter, friends. 

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