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Top 5 Saddest Arcs in One Piece

The One Piece series is famous for its epic stories. But not only that, it turns out that there are also some sad moments in this series. Here are 5 of the saddest arcs in the One Piece series.

1. Enies Arc Lobby

The Enies Lobby arc focuses on saving Nico Robin. When the Straw Hats arrived at Water 7, Robin met with CP9 agents. Knowing that his friends' lives were in danger, Robin decided to surrender himself to CP9. 

After that, they brought Robin to Enies Lobby.

Not staying silent, the captain immediately brought his crew to Enies Lobby. 

Here, there are many moments that can bring tears to our eyes. For the first time, Robin said that he wanted to move on. Because of that, Luffy doesn't care if he has to become an enemy of the World Government.

Not only that, this arc also takes us to a flashback to Robin's tragic background. It is revealed that Robin lost it all when the World Government did a Buster Call on Ohara. 

It doesn't stop there, Robin has also been hunted since childhood because of her ability to read Poneglyphs.

2. Marineford arc

The Marineford arc is a very epic and emotional arc. This arc features the great war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies. 

The war started when Blackbeard surrendered Ace, and the World Government was about to execute Ace.

Not staying silent, Whitebeard mobilized all his allies to attack Marineford. 

Luffy's allies like Emporio Ivankov and Crocodile also get involved in this battle. However, a sad moment occurred when the person who was supposed to be saved died in battle.

Ace had to die when he protected Luffy from Akainu's attacks. 

This makes the war even hotter to cause more victims. Not only Ace, the legendary pirate, Whitebeard, must also end his journey in this fight.

3. Sabaody Archipelago arc

When the Straw Hats were about to enter the New World, they went to Sabaody to find ship linings. However, things started to spiral out of control when Luffy wreaked havoc at the auction. 

Here, Luffy punched a World Noble Saint Charlos in the face for shooting Hatchan.

Because of this, the Marines and Admiral Kizaru were dispatched to capture the Straw Hats. Unfortunately, the Straw Hats started to get overwhelmed when they had to face Bartholomew Kuma. With his strength, Kuma made the Straw Hats disappear one by one. 

Meanwhile, Luffy could only cry helplessly watching all of his friends just disappear.

4. Water 7 arcs

When the Straw Hats arrived in Water 7, they noticed that the Going Merry was getting weaker. Even though it has been repaired many times, the damage keeps getting worse. 

Therefore, Luffy decided to replace Merry by buying a new ship.

However, Usopp did not accept Luffy's decision. Plus annoyed because of his weakness, Usopp even challenged Luffy to fight over Merry. 

Luffy easily wins the fight, but he still gives Merry to Usopp. Usopp left the crew and it was the first time Luffy realized that being a captain was not as easy as he had imagined.

5. Whole Cake Island arc

In the Whole Cake Island arc, Luffy once again proved that he will protect his friends no matter what. Even if the enemy is a Yonko, Luffy doesn't care. 

Here, Luffy goes to Whole Cake Island to bring back Sanji who is about to be betrothed to Charlotte Pudding.

However, Sanji didn't want to be saved so he kept telling Luffy to leave. Of course, Luffy didn't give up even though he was beaten by Sanji. 

Luffy never countered Sanji's attacks, and kept saying that he couldn't become the Pirate King without Sanji. Another sad moment occurs when the series reveals Sanji's tragic backstory.

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