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One Piece 1086 Spoilers Reddit: The Meaning of the Will of D Finally Revealed!

One Piece 1086 Spoilers Reddit: The Meaning of the Will of D Finally Revealed!

In the One Piece anime series, the phrase "Will of D" appears to be the key to the end of the story.

In theories and speculations, the Will of D refers to a select group of individuals who have a connection to the Void Century.

They seem to be people who can uncover the truth.

According to theories, the Celestial Dragons were the enemies of the Will of D in the past.

In the latest chapter, Nefertari Cobra finally understands the meaning of the D name, which has been a mystery all along.

Before his death in One Piece 1085, Cobra entrusted this information and secret to Sabo.

In the full One Piece 1086 Reddit spoiler, the meaning of the Will of D and the bearers of the D name in One Piece will be revealed.

One Piece is currently in its final saga where Oda is providing more and more information.

One of them is about the bearers of the D name and the Will of D in the One Piece manga.

In Im Sama's explanation, it is stated that anyone who carries the D name is their enemy.

This includes Nefertari D Lily, who refused to become a Celestial Dragon and left the World Government 800 years ago.

This is why many Reddit leakers believe that Im Sama will be Luffy's final enemy before Luffy becomes the Pirate King.

Here is the explanation from the One Piece 1086 Reddit spoiler regarding the Will of D:

"...In One Piece 1085, after King Cobra's conversation with Im Sama, and their discussion about the Poneglyph, it is confirmed that Cobra knows the meaning of D and what it symbolizes.

And this is proven by his words to Sabo after he got injured:

"I have realized something!!

...And I want you to tell my next words to Luffy and Princess Vivi.. We are also from the D, finally, I see the path Alabasta must take..

Then he reveals Nefertari D Lily's letter to Sabo to be sent to Luffy and Vivi, which says:

"Protect the Poneglyph and raise the Dawn flag high to the world."

Pay attention to the phrase 'raise the Dawn flag.'

And Cobra says, "we are also D."

With his words, we who carry the Dawn flag, which is the path Alabasta will take.

Notice the letter D in the word Dawn.

So, it means that (anyone who carries the Dawn flag is considered a D) and we can also call them.

Anyone who carries the Dawn flag inherits the letter D, and this brings us to Whitebeard's conversation when he talks about descendants:

(Someone will inherit Ace's will in the future, even though their bloodline is severed).

Sabo inherited it even though there is no actual relation between him and Ace because he took the path of Dawn, and that's why it explains that Sabo has become SA D Bo: the one who carries the Dawn flag.

And the one who also stands against the darkness.

Anyone who carries the Dawn flag is considered an enemy of darkness.

As Im Sama said, D is the name of our enemy in the past.

In their words: the bearer of the Dawn flag is an enemy of darkness.

And here we also notice the letter D in the word Dark.

So, the Will of D that Robin is searching for answers is the same (will of the Dawn flag) or (determination of the Dawn flag).

(Will of Dawn).

Whitebeard said of teaching at Marin Ford War when he spoke of inheriting the message: (you are not one of them) I mean (you are not one of those who carry the banner of the Dawn)."

Well what do you think about this?

In the last few chapters, it seems that Luffy has been prepared by Oda to fight against Im Sama.

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