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Top 10 Most Dangerous One Piece Characters!

Top 10 Most Dangerous One Piece Characters!

With their very powerful level of power, there are a series of characters that are the most dangerous because they have the potential to destroy the world. 

It is not surprising then that there are many strong characters that appear in the One Piece story. 

The harsh and terrible world of pirates is intended only for those who are strong and determined.

Even so, of the many strong characters that appear in the story, there are some characters who are considered the most dangerous. 

This is because with the level of power they have, these characters have the potential to change the balance of world power. 

In fact, this line of characters could even destroy the world of One Piece. 

Then, who are they?

10. Crocodiles

Crocodile is certainly not a strange name for geeks considering that this is one of the villain characters that appears at the beginning of the One Piece story. 

Crocodile was the first Shichibukai that Luffy faced while in Alabasta. 

His strength had overwhelmed Luffy, even losing twice. 

However, in the end, he was defeated and then imprisoned in Impel Down.

Crocodile reappeared when Luffy pushed his way into the prison, they even worked together. 

How then Crocodile can survive until now, even he is able to survive in New World and has his own fleet, gives an idea of how dangerous his character is. 

Not to mention, he was the one who initiated Cross Guild and was known to want to form a country called Utopia.

9. Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk is the best and strongest swordsman in the world of One Piece. 

It used to be a mystery, in the end Oda Sensei revealed Mihawk's bounty, namely 3.590 billion Belly. 

Mihawk is a former rival of Shanks, which is another proof of how powerful the power of the former Shichibukai is. 

In other words, Mihawk is on the same level as the Yonko.

Actually, Dracule Mihawk is not as dangerous as many people think. He tends to avoid fighting and prefers things to be peaceful. 

However, when he later has a wish or thing in his mind then nothing can stop him. 

For example when he destroys Don Krieg's ship out of boredom and is considered to be in his way. 

At this time, Mihawk is also a dangerous figure because he is a member of the Cross Guild.

8. Akainu

Akainu is a Fleet Admiral at the current marine base and is one of the strongest fighters in the world of One Piece. 

Akainu is known as a cruel and brutal figure, where he doesn't care about anything. 

In fact, in the peak war of Marineford he didn't care about the lives of other marines who were injured. Akainu is also known to dare to challenge the Yonko.

This has never been done before. The awesomeness of Sakazuki is supported by the power of the Magu Magu devil fruit which is indeed very extraordinary. 

In the Battle of Marineford, it was shown how Akainu managed to injure, even almost kill Whitebeard. He was even the one who killed Ace. 

The fans are still waiting for the next action from Akainu.

7. Monkey D. Dragon

Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army and is known as the Worst and Most Wanted Criminal by the World Government. 

Seeing the title or status given by the World Government to Dragon, it makes sense that he is one of the most dangerous figures. 

He became one of the founders of the Revolutionary Army, which is currently one of the forces that can counterbalance the World Government.

In fact, Dragon and the Revolutionary Army openly declared war on the heavenly dragons. 

They also help many areas that want to be free from affiliation or cooperation with the World Government. 

Currently, the fans are also still waiting for what Dragon and his group will do after learning about Mary Geoise's big secret.

6. Monkey D. Luffy

Apart from Dragon, his son, namely Monkey D. Luffy, can also be considered as one of the most dangerous characters. 

Moreover, we have seen the awesomeness of Gear 5's epic power shown in his fight against Kaido and even Rob Lucci. 

Luffy's Gear 5 is shown to be able to turn its surroundings into rubber or become elastic.

Even more horrifying and crazier is how Luffy is able to use an attack the same size as the island of Onigashima. 

And this is also what made Kaido finally defeated by Luffy. 

How then did the Gorosei admit that Luffy has the most powerful power in the world? 

This could prove that Luffy is one of the most dangerous characters in the world.

5. Blackbeard

One of the four rulers of the seas alias Yonko, Blackbeard is a pirate who has a bounty of 3.9 billion Bellu currently. In addition, he is also the only character who has two devil fruit powers. 

And until now, he still hunts other powerful devil fruits in the ocean. 

Not to mention, Blackbeard is known to do a lot of bad things.

For example, he stole his partner's devil fruit powers as well as Whitebeard's. 

He caught Ace and handed him over to be executed. 

Blackbeard had made a mess on the Amazon island and wanted to steal Hancock's devil fruit, he even managed to steal many other devil fruits and given them to his crew. 

Most recently, Blackbeard attacked and defeated Trafalgar Law.

4. Shanks

Just like Blackbeard, Shanks is also a member of the Yonko. 

Even so, so far Shanks hasn't been acting up or acting out much. 

In fact, Shanks is more often a mediator or neutral party. 

For example, when Shanks stopped Kaido from going to Marineford. Or when he asked Whitebeard to withdraw Ace on his mission to find Blackbeard.

Talking about strength, Shanks is also known to have very powerful strength especially when it comes to Haki abilities. 

Even though so far Shanks has never done anything evil, that doesn't mean Shanks can't be a threat like the other characters. 

With his level of power and influence, Shanks can be a big threat as shown when destroying the Kid group.

3. Gorosei

After Eiichiro Oda revealed one of the identities of the Gorosei, namely Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, many fans believed that the role of the Gorosei would begin to be more involved in various important events at the end of One Piece's story. 

As you know, the Gorosei are the leaders of the World Government whose rank is below Im. 

Previously, the Gorosei tended to be mostly silent.

They pay more attention or observe situations that occur before deciding to act. 

After being ordered to finish off Luffy in Onigashima, now the Gorosei are starting to intervene directly to deal with Luffy's figure. 

They sent Saint Jaygarcia Saturn to deal with the problems that occurred on Egghead Island. And many fans also believe they are one of the strongest characters.

2. Im

Im is a very mysterious character even now. 

Everything about Im is still very tightly closed. 

Oda himself still hasn't provided any information regarding her character. 

Even so, one thing is certain that she is the one who reigns supreme in the world of One Piece. 

She who is known to be in the highest position of the World Government, where the Gorosei themselves bow before Im.

Based on this, it is clear that Im is not an ordinary person. 

Many think that she is a figure from the past. 

Proof of how dangerous Im is is shown when she destroys the island of Lulusia with one strike. 

There are still many unresolved mysteries about Im which will probably be revealed in the next chapter.

1. Shirahoshi

If Im has a powerful weapon that is suspected to be an Ancient Weapon, then Shirahoshi is one of these Ancient Weapons. 

As one of the Ancient Weapons, namely Poseidon, it seems natural that then Shirahoshi is one of the most dangerous characters. 

It is known that Poseidon is able to control all sea creatures, including Sea Kings.

With this power, Shirahoshi could destroy the entire One Piece world if she wanted to. 

However, so far, Shirahoshi has been shown to be an innocent girl. 

Neptune himself deliberately locked her up so she would avoid the various threats that existed. 

Her encounter with Luffy changed the life of Shirahoshi, which is interesting to see in action.

The characters above are considered as dangerous figures for several reasons. 

Starting from their strength, their ideology, even their status and influence in the world of One Piece. 

Even though there are some of these characters who have little chance of destroying the world, it is not impossible to do so later.

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