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One Piece 1082: Sabo Will Reveal This Truth

In the One Piece 1082 manga, it will continue the previous story.

This chapter will also show Sabo's fate after being hit by an attack from Im Sama.

The cover of Manga One Piece 1082 shows Chopper mistaking Zeus for cotton candy and trying to eat it.

The One Piece 1082 manga begins with the announcement of T-Bone's death.

He was killed by a citizen who wanted T-Bone's gift from the Corss Guild.

Later, Sengoku and Tsuru are discussing about the news and about the rise of Cross Guild and Hina comes and talks with them.

Sengoku asks Hina about Garp's whereabouts.

Hina then told Sengoku that Garp had left a few days ago to save Coby.
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Sengoku was shocked at what Hina said.

The scene then changes. Buggy is seen sending money to the person who killed T-Bone.

That person would join the Cross Guild and Buggy would protect him from the Marines.

We see a Cross Guild ship built, decorated with Buggy's head and a clown theme (this ship doesn't have a name yet).

Crocodile and Mihawk saw it and beat Buggy again.

Crocodile and Mihawk: "Why do we have to get on this ship!!?"

Crocodile wanted to use Cross Guild to complete his "Utopia" country plan.

He plans to build "Utopia" as a militarized nation that will not be threatened by any power.

Mihawk gave Crocodile some advice, looks like they need to gather more strength. Buggy also opposed Crocodile's plan.

Buggy: "That's not what real pirates do!!!

Seen, flashbacks about Buggy and Shanks begin.

It happened 24 years ago in Loguetown, the day Gol D Roger was executed.

This is a continuation of the panel containing Whitebeard and Shanks' conversation in chapter 434.

Buggy asked Shanks if they were going to look for One Piece.

Even though Shanks wanted to go then, he changed his mind and decided not to go to Laugh Tale.

Shanks: "But don't worry, I'll still be a pirate!! Come with me, Buggy!"

Buggy: "I won't work under you you idiot!"

Buggy was angry because he secretly hoped that Shanks would follow Roger and become the next Pirate King.

Buggy had abandoned his ambition because he knew he was no match for Shanks.

Buggy: "I won't forgive you for losing my treasure map!!"

After that, Buggy ran away.

Then, at this time Buggy was talking to Crocodile and Mihawk and asked if they had never heard Shanks moving.

Buggy was angry that Shanks chose to do this now.

Shanks' move excited him.

Buggy: "Maybe it was due to luck and accident, but now I bear the same title as him.

Then, I want to be the pirate king too!!!"

Buggy screamed while crying before Crocodile beat him again wkwk.

Crocodile: "You're delusional!!! You have no plans or preparations. Piracy is a business!!"

Mihawk: Shanks, Blackbeard and the Straw Hats. You expect us to fight them all on your orders!?

Buggy: "We don't need to beat them all! This is a treasure battle! We just need to take the treasure first!!"

Then Buggy took the microphone before Crocodile could stop him and spoke to all the Cross Guild members.

Buggy: "Are you guys satisfied with your current lives!?

Do you remember the reason you went to sea in the first place!? The day has come!! let's take One Piece!!!"

All of the Cross Guild members cheered Buggy on.

Crocodile and Mihawk were shocked and angry.

Meanwhile, in the Kamabakka Kingdom, it was seen that 4 Army Commanders from the Revolutionary Army were excited because someone had come.

Sabo has returned safely.

It was revealed that Sabo was actually not in the Lulusia kingdom when Im-Sama destroyed the island. Sabo was apparently on a ship carrying several Lulusians who wanted to join the Revolutionary Army

Sabo enters the meeting room with Dragon and Ivankov.

In that meeting, Sabo will tell the whole truth about what happened at Mary Geioise.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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