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One Piece: Im and Lili Are the Joy Boy Crew!

One Piece: Im and Lili Are the Joy Boy Crew!

It is suspected that the figures Im and Nefertari Lili were once part of the Joy Boy pirate crew in the One Piece storyline. 

In fact, this might be the reason why Lili disappeared from civilization. 

The recent chapters of the One Piece manga have revealed a little about the history of the past. 

This happened after Nefertari Cobra met with the Gorosei.

Their meeting was shown in chapter 1084 yesterday, which was a flashback to what happened during the Reverie event. 

The conversation between Cobra and the Gorosei briefly mentioned the ancestor of the Nefertari family, Nefertari Lili. 

She was reported missing hundreds of years ago and is predicted to have joined Joy Boy's crew.

The History of Nefertari Lili's Trail

One Piece: Im and Lili Are the Joy Boy Crew!

In chapter 1084, it was revealed that the trail of Lili's history disappeared from the records. 

According to Cobra's account, Nefertari Lili was the ancestor of the Nefertari family. 

She was also an important figure in the formation of the World Government, as Lili was a representative of one of the royal families.

Although she was an important figure in the formation of the World Government, Cobra said that Lili's name did not appear in any records after the lost century. 

Furthermore, Cobra mentioned that Lili never returned to Alabasta after the formation of the World Government. 

Cobra tried to ask the Gorosei about this, but even they were unaware of Lili's whereabouts.

Cobra then revealed that he possessed a letter written by Lili, which had been passed down from generation to generation. 

The contents of the letter are unknown. 

However, it is possible that it is related to the "Will of D" or contains hidden facts about Im or the world's secrets.

Lili Joining Joy Boy

One Piece: Im and Lili Are the Joy Boy Crew!

Where did Lili go? 
Why is she not in the historical records? What happened to Lili? 

These questions currently remain unanswered. 

There are only a few clues regarding this matter, and Oda himself has not provided any answers yet. 

Nevertheless, there are many speculations circulating among fans.

Many fans have theories about what might have happened to Lili. 

One theory suggests that Lili disappeared after being kidnapped by Im because she was considered a traitor. 

This happened after Lili refused the title of "Celestial Dragon" bestowed upon her.

There is also a theory that Lili became a sacrifice for Im.

Im is predicted to be able to achieve eternal life by using Lili's existence for an immortality operation. However, there is also a very interesting theory about Lili. 

The theory suggests that Lili deliberately disappeared and decided to join the legendary pirate crew, Joy Boy.

According to the theory, after the battle of the 20 kingdoms, they decided to form the World Government. 

However, Lili disagreed with this decision. 

She believed it was not the right action and was very evil. 

That's why Lili decided to escape from that alliance and join Joy Boy.

Im Also a Part of Joy Boy's Crew

One Piece: Im and Lili Are the Joy Boy Crew!

What's interesting is that the theory also mentions that, besides Lili, Im was also part of the Joy Boy pirate crew. 

This can be seen from the closeness between Lili and Im. 

They seemed to have a deep connection, which might be the reason why Joy Boy disappeared or failed in his mission.

The possibility of the three of them being on the same ship and in the same crew is quite small, but it is not impossible. 

Moreover, Oda Sensei likes to bring big surprises to his fans. 

For example, when Oda surprised fans by revealing the true name of Luffy's Devil Fruit.

On the other hand, it is possible that Im has a grudge or problem with Joy Boy, and that's why he tried to eliminate him. 

This might explain why the mission to bring the Fish-Men to the surface never succeeded and why Joy Boy later apologized to them. 

Let's wait for the real facts about what happened to Lili.

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