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One Piece: Bink's Sake Song Hints a Laugh Tale?

One Piece: Bink's Sake Song Hints a Laugh Tale?

Whether you realize it or not, there is a possibility that the phenomenal song Bink's Sake can give directions to Laugh Tale. 

Laugh Tale is the last island in the One Piece story by Eiichiro Oda. 

There are still many mysteries and question marks surrounding this mysterious island. 

The fans themselves can't wait to find out about the big secrets on the island.

So far, only Gol D. Roger and his crew have ever been there. 

It took extra effort and not a moment for a pirate to find the mysterious location of Laugh Tale. 

However, there is an interesting speculation or theory circulating among fans which states that the song Bink's Sake could be a clue to Laugh Tale. 

What are the instructions like?

Bink's Sake Lyrics

One Piece: Bink's Sake Song Hints a Laugh Tale?

In the world of One Piece, the song Bink's Sake is a song that is synonymous with pirates. 

Usually, they will party in the middle of the ocean while singing the song in a happy and laughing atmosphere. 

According to his information, the song Bink's Sake has been passed down or sung from generation to generation from one generation of pirates to another.

Who created the song is never revealed in the story – although it could be Joy Boy considering this is a song that brings joy. 

What's interesting is that there is a theory where the lyrics of this phenomenal song could provide clues about how to go and enter Laugh Tale.

The first example is "Gather All Crews" depicting all pirates who want to find One Piece to gather their strength, just like Luffy did. 

The next lyrics are "The waves are dancing, the night is coming, it's time to bring out the sound of the drums".

The sound of the drum itself is now increasingly relevant with the appearance of the "freedom drum" owned by Joy Boy aka Luffy.

When Roger and his crew arrived at Laugh Tale, they laughed at the mysterious story. 

This also seems to be the same as one of the lyrics, “Funny story that never ends”.

It could be, this also has something to do with the naming of the island "Laugh Tale". 

Then, there are lyrics that describe leaving Laugh Tale.

The lyrics can be translated as “Golden waves and silver waves alternately washing each other”.

It has been speculated that this is a clue as to how to get in and out of Laugh Tale, as one might be able to go into Laugh Tale at sunrise (golden wave) and exit at dawn or noon (silver wave).

What's also interesting is that there is a lyric that says "Tomorrow will be a moonlit night".

It could be concluded from these lyrics that in order to enter or access Laugh Tale Island, a pirate needs to wait for the right moment. 

Then, when is this moment? 

None other than when the full moon event occurs.

Perhaps, this is the reason why then Laugh Tale is so hard to find and difficult to access. 

Apart from needing a Road Poneglyph, a pirate can only access the Laugh Tale entrance for tens of minutes. 

This is also what Luffy and other would-be pirate kings might need to do.

Brook Sings His Song Around the World

One Piece: Bink's Sake Song Hints a Laugh Tale?

The figure of Brook is introduced as a pirate as well as a musician with extraordinary talent. 

On the other hand, Brook is also known as a storyteller or storyteller/person who often tells either his own story or someone else's story. Brook's joining the Straw Hat Crew may not just be a mere coincidence. 

It could be, there will be an important role for Brook at the end of the story.

In theory, it is stated that Brook might sing Bink's Sake throughout the world of One Piece, aka throughout the Red Line region. 

The Red Line is often seen as the thing that separates all of humanity. 

With Joy Boy and Luffy wanting freedom in this world, there has been speculation that the Red Line might be destroyed.

With the Red Line destroyed, Brook will also bring happiness and joy and enthusiasm from Joy Boy by singing Bink's Sake worldwide. 

Through Brook and this song, the spirit and stories about Luffy and pirates will live on forever. 

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