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One Piece: Morgan Is a Marine in Undercover?

The figure of Big News Morgan is probably one of the marine members who disguised themselves in the One Piece story.

In the story of One Piece, everyone must be very dependent on the figure of Big News Morgan, because he and his news company present various information needed by people.

In fact, with this position Morgan is a figure that can be considered the most influential.

In the previous chapter, we saw how Morgan managed to create a huge splash.

They are known to present news or news about Nefertari Cobra's death and how Sabo was accused of being involved in it.

Talking about the figure of Morgan there is an interesting theory where it is possible that he is actually a marine figure in disguise.

Morgan's Most Influential Figure

As mentioned above, Big News Morgan is an influential name in the world of One Piece.

As the name implies, Morgan often creates big and exciting news, like what happened after the big events in Mary

His own character first appeared during the Whole Cake Island arc where he was invited to Big Mom's tea party. Why then is Big News Morgan often an important figure?

Big News Morgan is the head of the World Economic Times newspaper, the largest newspaper spread across the Grand Line.

They also spread the newspapers all over the ocean, where even the Straw Hats got information about the bounty and news of Vivi and Cobra from these newspapers.

With this information control, it's only natural that he becomes an important and influential figure in the world of One Piece...

seeing Morgan, of course we know that he is a devil fruit user. Morgan is a Zoan devil fruit user, Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Albatross.

What's interesting is that throughout his appearance in the One Piece story, Morgan is always present in his Zoological condition.

Oda Sensei himself has never shown what Morgan's human form or figure looks like.

What's interesting is that there are several theories which state that there might be strong reasons why Oda Sensei hasn't shown a human figure from Morgan.

One of them is because he is likely to have an important role in the storyline of One Piece in the future.

Then, there is also a theory that says that Morgan is a former crew member of Gol D. Roger.

Undercover Navy

Talking about the real identity of Big News Morgan, besides that Morgan might be one of Roger's crew in disguise, there is an interesting theory that says that Morgan is actually a marine in disguise.

Who is this figure? How did he do it? Why did he do this? In this theory it is stated that the figure is Bogart.

Bogart is an officer in the navy who is also Monkey D. Garp's right-hand man.

Bogard was also the one who trained Helmeppo and Koby, before finally being trained directly by Garp.

Bogart is a very calm naval officer, as evidenced by his rarely speaking and only speaking when needed.

It is unknown since when did Bogard become Garp's representative.

However, given his loyalty to Garp, it is likely that they have been working together for a long time.

Because he rarely appears in stories, where even his rank in the navy is unknown and also his name only appears a few times, Oda Sensei hasn't presented much information regarding his character.

How then could Morgan be considered Bogart in disguise? There are several interesting points that could be a clue in this regard.

First, as discussed in a previous article, the figure of Bogart may have been inspired by the figure of Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart.

According to available information, the figure of Bogart is also a marine in the real world.

The next clue, maybe there is a connection how Morgan is always in his bird Zoan form and also Bogart who rarely appears in the story.

Third, Morgan always knows something or provides information about what the World Government is doing, even when that information may not be widely known.

Indeed, there are several ways that Morgan can get information, namely receiving from other sources such as CP0 or possibly from his partner, Garp.

So, how then can the World Economic Times reveal what information the World Government is doing it makes sense because Morgan has a direct source from the navy.

And there is another speculation that Garp might ask Morgan to accept and protect Vivi from the pursuit of the World Government.

After the events of the Reverie the situation got a little complicated.

In fact, when they were on Fish-Man Island, the figures of Garp and Shirahoshi seemed to be worried about the incident that happened in Alabasta and also about Vivi's fate.

Because of this, Garp finally asked for Morgan's help to protect him.

And in chapter 1074 yesterday we finally saw how Vivi finally survived on the World Economic Times ship hiding from the pursuit of the World Government along with Wapol.

Will Help Garp

We still don't know whether Morgan will continue to be in his Zoan form or maybe there will be a moment when he will reveal his true form.

However, if Oda wants to show Morgan's true form then now is the time.

Assuming that if Morgan really is Bogart in disguise then he will certainly help Garp save Koby...

In the previous chapter, it was shown how Garp had absolutely no help or fleet to help him save Koby.

The navy itself seemed not to care about his fate.

Garp himself actually already has two crews namely Hibari and Helmeppo, but of course this is still lacking.

Moreover, they were going to Blackbeard's base on Beehive Island.

Previous speculations mentioned that maybe Garp's colleagues or those who are in line with Garp will step in to save Koby.

An example is Sengoku and of course Bogart.

Of course, it will be very interesting to see their battle on Beehive Island and it will also be interesting to wait for Morgan's true form, which is probably the figure of a marine in disguise, namely Bogart.

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