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Naruto Disappears, Who's the Next Hokage?

Naruto Disappears, Who's the Next Hokage?

Who will replace Uzumaki Naruto as the new Hokage of Konoha in the storyline of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation? 

The Boruto manga currently presents an interesting story with the ongoing Code arc.

Moreover, in the recent chapters, the storyline has become truly remarkable, becoming a topic of discussion among fans.

Many fans are convinced that the current storyline is leading towards a timeskip. 

This means that the climax of this arc is getting closer. 

The situation in Konoha is not good, especially after what happened to Naruto. 

So, who will be the candidate to replace Naruto as the new Hokage of Konoha?

The fate of Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto Disappears, Who's the Next Hokage?

What really happened to Naruto? 

Currently, the Konoha shinobi are losing the Uzumaki figure from the real world. 

He disappeared from this dimension and was even presumed dead. 

Even so, in reality Naruto still wasn't dead but was kidnapped by Kawaki. 

This was revealed in chapter 77 yesterday. In the chapter, Kawaki decides to return to Naruto's house.

He did this after knowing that there was still another Otsutsuki figure alive, namely Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

Kawaki had forced Momoshiki to get out of Boruto's body, but there was no response. 

Finally, Kawaki returns home and takes an unexpected action. 

He used Doujutsu Isshiki to kidnap Naruto and Hinata and hid them in a special dimension.

In that special dimension time literally stops. It is still unknown how long Naruto and Hinata were trapped there. 

However, Kawaki himself made sure that Naruto and Hinata were safe there because they no longer needed basic necessities. 

The reason Kawaki later did this was because he wanted to protect these two people, whom he considered to be important figures.

Kawaki wants to protect both of them from the Otsutsuki who threaten the earth. 

He even said that Naruto and the others were allowed to end their lives when it was all over. 

On the other hand, Kawaki also thinks that this is a way to stop Naruto from taking the life of Boruto who has been controlled by Momoshiki.

In chapter 79, it was then shown how Kawaki and Boruto fought. 

Eida then helps Kawaki realize his dream to change fate and change people's memories, where Kawaki is later considered to be Naruto's son. 

Meanwhile, Boruto turns into a terrible figure that is hated by many people for the actions he has taken. In fact, Boruto is considered the "killer" of Uzumaki Naruto.

The New Hokage Candidates

Naruto Disappears, Who's the Next Hokage?

With Uzumaki Naruto now no longer in Konoha meaning the position he left as Hokage is open to other characters. 

Even though many geeks think that Naruto will return and take up his post as Hokage, what needs to be noted is that the timeskip will happen soon. 

After the timeskip, it is known that Boruto is 16 years old.

This means that the timeskip that will take place in the Boruto story takes place for approximately 4 years. Of course, during those 4 years Konoha couldn't have left the Hokage position vacant. 

Because of that, they had to immediately appoint an 8th Hokage. 

There are several candidates who might be or are suitable to fill the position of Hokage.

An example is Haruno Sakura, who is considered to be a great Hokage. 

If this happens, then Sakura will follow in the footsteps of her mentor, Tsunade, who was also the Hokage. 

With her strong figure, it doesn't feel wrong to appoint Sakura as one of the candidates for the eighth Hokage in Konoha village.

The next candidate is Shikamaru. He is one of the candidates who are widely predicted to replace Naruto someday. Many later disagreed with the idea of Shikamaru becoming Hokage replacing Naruto. 

The reason is, with the intelligence he has, Shikamaru is more suitable to become an adviser to the Hokage as he is running now.

Even so, it doesn't mean Shikamaru can't or impossible to become Hokage. 

Of the two candidates above, perhaps the strongest candidate to fill the position of Hokage vacated by Naruto is Uchiha Sasuke. 

As you know, in terms of strength, Sasuke's figure is as strong as Naruto. 

In fact, he is much smarter than Naruto.

Sasuke understands how and what he has to do when Konoha needs a strong figure like him right now. 

On the other hand, apart from this, Sasuke often becomes the Shadow Hokage for Naruto. 

If then Sasuke is really elected as Hokage, then this will create a new history in which an Uchiha succeeds in occupying that position. 

In fact, he can also lead Konoha shinobi troops to fight against Code.

Other Possibilities

Naruto Disappears, Who's the Next Hokage?

Aside from choosing a new candidate, another scenario is for the elders of Konoha to appoint old shinobi to fill Naruto's empty position. 

This has happened before when Minato died at the beginning of the Naruto story, where Hiruzen was appointed again to fill the Hokage position until another person could take over. 

For now, they could choose either Tsunade or Hatake Kakashi for the position.

Tsunade is the former fifth Hokage who currently holds a high-ranking position as an elder in Konoha. 

Besides Tsunade, Kakashi also briefly served as the sixth Hokage. 

It's possible that one of these former Hokages could have a chance to return.

The last scenario, though unlikely, is to leave the position empty. 

Currently, the situation in Konoha is in a state of emergency after what happened to Naruto. 

Perhaps Konoha will take extreme action and leave the position empty for an indefinite period, or at least until the "killer" of Naruto is captured.

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