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One Piece 1080 Reddit Spoiler: Gear 5 Luffy is Useless!

One Piece 1080 Reddit Spoiler: Gear 5 Luffy is Useless

Check out spoilers and the release schedule for One Piece manga chapter 1080 - things are getting chaotic on Egghead Island, with Nami and Sanji turned into statues.

According to MangaPlus, One Piece 1080 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

The chapter is predicted to continue the story of the battle on Egghead Island, including the fate of Kid's crew, who lost to Shanks.

Here's a prediction for the chapter from a Reddit forum:

Shanks has left Elbaf and is headed to target Barto next, as evidenced by his bounty.

Kid and Killer's crew see their defeat, and a mysterious figure approaches them.

On Egghead Island, a giant snake appears, and Sharks uses his powers to turn Nami and Sanji into stone snakes. Sharks decides to hunt down the other crew members.

Robin, Chopper, and Atlas make it to the underground room and find Stella, but her magnetized boots make her stuck.

Zoro, Jinbei, and Stussy are trapped in the ground, and Stussy uses Kami-e to make her legs flexible and jump out of her boots.

Luffy is annoyed that Bear won't get hurt from gear 5 attacks.

You can read the chapter officially on MangaPlus, a platform for reading Shueisha comics for fans outside Japan.

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