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One Piece 1082: San Juan Wolf Provokes Garp's Wrath! Prince Grus Gets Into Action

One Piece manga chapter 1082 will be on holiday this week due to Golden Week. However, there has been much speculation from fans regarding the continuation of this manga.

So in this article, we will discuss speculation about One Piece 1082. Read more here.

One Piece 1082, will likely start by showing the situation on Beehive Island, Aokiji who was previously made into the ground by Garp will rise again.

Aokiji will climb back up and prepare to continue the fight against Garp. Compared to the previous chapter, Aokiji's fight against Garp in the latest chapter will be more exciting.

Because both of them will use more techniques both in attack and defense, Garp will perform several variations of punching techniques.

Meanwhile Aokiji will also use more techniques, considering that in the last chapter he only used the ice ball technique.

Even though Aokiji's resistance is now better than before, Garp is still superior. Not far from there, it turns out that San Juan Wolf has woken up and immediately stepped into action.

San Juan Wolf approaches Garp's ship and launches an attack using his big hands, San Juan Wolf intends to destroy the ship and kill the people in it.

But Prince Grus who saw that immediately took action, he created a very large amount of clay, then the clay was moved like a wave to shake off the hand of San Juan Wolf.

Prince Grus also created a golem with a very large size, even though the golem is smaller than the San Juan Wolf, Prince Grus will still use the golem to face the San Juan Wolf.

Then you can see Kujaku uncuffing the chain that shackles Coby's right leg, Kujaku opens the chain using his whip.

There are also Helmeppo and Tashigi who are in a state of combat readiness, so Kujaku, Coby, Helmeppo and Tashigi will help Prince Grus in dealing with the San Juan Wolf.

Besides that, they will also try to protect Hibari who has frozen.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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