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One Piece: Shanks' Mysterious Devil Fruit Revealed!

One Piece: Shanks' Mysterious Devil Fruit Revealed!

It is speculated that Shanks' figure has a hidden devil fruit power, so what is Shanks' devil fruit power? 

Shanks is a very extraordinary pirate in the One Piece story. 

Even though he used to be a crew member of the Gol D. Roger pirate group, now Shanks already has his own name and popularity as one of the four ocean lords, aka Yonko.

What's even more extraordinary is that Shanks managed to get all of these successes without the help of a devil fruit. 

So far, Shanks is the only Yonko who doesn't have this ability. 

However, there is a speculation or theory that says that Shanks actually has the power of a devil fruit. 

What's the power like?

Shanks' Devil Fruit

One Piece: Shanks' Mysterious Devil Fruit Revealed!

There is a theory that says that Shanks is a Mythical Zoan devil fruit user. In this case, Shanks is the user of Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Red Dragon. 

This devil fruit is similar to Kaido's, only the type is different. 

And from its own power level the power of the Red Dragon devil fruit is similar to Kaido's Seiryuu.

There are several things that are considered to be clues related to this theory. 

For example, how can Shanks compete with big names like Whitebeard, Kaido, and even Big Mom. 

Shanks is suspected to have a powerful secret power that is able to match their level of strength. 

This makes sense considering that Zoan users will experience increased strength, especially physical.

Another clue is how quickly Shanks got to Marineford. 

In the event of the war, Shanks was previously known to have fought Kaido in the New World. 

However, it didn't take long for Shanks to return to the Grand Line and head to Marineford to stop Akainu. 

It's still a question how Shanks can do this.

In theory, Shanks turned into a Red Dragon and then flew across the sky to arrive at Marineford. 

On the other hand, dragons are also the theme of the ship belonging to Shanks and his group, the Red Force. 

And usually, pirate ships in One Piece stories represent the strengths or themes of the characters. 

This means that it is not impossible if then Shanks has the power of a dragon devil fruit.

Shanks himself probably ate the devil fruit after leaving Fusha village. 

Because, at that time, Shanks was shown to still have the ability to swim to save Luffy. 

Of course, it would be very interesting if he later proved whether he really is a devil fruit user, for example when fighting Blackbeard.

Other Potential Devil Fruits

One Piece: Shanks' Mysterious Devil Fruit Revealed!

Apart from the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Red Dragon that appears in the theory above, there is also a possibility that Shanks has another devil fruit power. 

This can be seen from Shanks and his group of pirates who stole the Gomu Gomu devil fruit aka Nika's devil fruit. 

According to Who's Who, he was part of the CP-9 group before he was imprisoned for failing to keep the Gomu Gomu devil fruit.

This is shown in the Romance Dawn chapter which is the initial story of the series. 

However, unfortunately, the devil fruit was then accidentally eaten by Luffy. 

And finally, we see the formidable figure of Luffy with Gomu Gomu abilities as he is now. 

Why then did Shanks and his group steal Gomu Gomu?

One of the interesting speculations is that Shanks and his group deliberately collected devil fruits around the world. 

Granted, his goals may sound a bit like Blackbeard's. 

What's different is that Shanks did this to prevent irresponsible people from eating his devil fruit.

Shanks probably stole the Gomu Gomu on purpose and then stored it somewhere. 

Apart from Gomu Gomu, maybe he also stole or collected other devil fruits which in the end became one of his sources of power without us knowing about it. 

In fact, other members of the Red Hair crew may also have hidden devil fruit powers.

There are several other devil fruit potentials that Shanks can also have. An example is Kizaru's Pika Pika no mi or even Akainu's Magu Magu no Mi. 

With the abilities of these two characters, Shanks might get even stronger, considering that the Pika Pika no Mi provides tremendous speed. 

Meanwhile, Magu Magu will provide tremendous destructive power thanks to the existing meteor attacks.

Oda Sensei can also present a new fruit besides Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Red Dragon which later belongs to Shanks. That way, of course there will be more devil fruits introduced in the story. 

Will Shanks reveal his devil fruit powers? 

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