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One Piece: This Is the Best Way to Beat Blackbeard!

One Piece: This Is the Best Way to Beat Blackbeard!

Being one of the strongest characters in the One Piece story, many questions arise among fans about how to defeat Blackbeard. 

There are many terrifying and powerful figures in the world of One Piece. 

They are the navy, sea lords, and of course, pirates. 

When it comes to dangerous and terrifying figures, this cannot be separated from the name Blackbeard.

Blackbeard is an orphan who later joined the Whitebeard pirates when he was a child. 

Teach wants to travel the world and find one of the devil fruits he desires, the Yami Yami no Mi. 

Currently, Blackbeard is known as a character with tremendous power. 

So, how can someone defeat Blackbeard?

How Strong is Blackbeard?

One Piece: This Is the Best Way to Beat Blackbeard!

Marshall D. Teach or Blackbeard is one of the strongest characters in the story. 

This is because of the anomaly that occurs in his body. 

This makes Blackbeard able to have two devil fruit powers, which for ordinary humans is something impossible. 

The anomaly was even confirmed by Marco at the Marineford war.

According to him, there is indeed something strange in Blackbeard, so he can do things that should have killed an ordinary human. 

With Oda starting to show the greatness of Blackbeard, many fans are also curious about how strong Blackbeard really is. 

Throughout the story, we see how Blackbeard became a pirate who was highly wary of his existence.

For example, how Shanks realizes the potential danger in Blackbeard is much greater than other pirates. 

Therefore, he asked Whitebeard to push back Ace in the mission to chase Blackbeard. 

Then, in chapter 1059, we see how Blackbeard is recognized by Rayleigh as someone who can overwhelm him. 

He even admitted that he couldn't face his condition now.

The newest is in chapter 1079, we see Blackbeard's ship arriving at Egghead Island. 

Previously, Blackbeard seemed to be fighting against Law's pirate group. 

This means that he may have also defeated Law and his crew. 

This further proves that Blackbeard is indeed a dangerous and powerful figure, especially with two devil fruit powers.

How to Defeat Blackbeard

One Piece: This Is the Best Way to Beat Blackbeard!

With the power explained above, the question then is how to defeat Blackbeard?

The key here is that Blackbeard is a devil fruit user. 

This means that he has the strength and weakness of devil fruit users. 

Looking at what has been presented in the story so far, there are approximately three ways that can be used to face Blackbeard.

First, a method that may be quite effective but not less risky is to use anti-devil fruit weapons or technology. 

In the Egghead Island arc, Oda Sensei has introduced various advanced technologies created by Vegapunk. 

One of the interesting things is that Vegapunk also created anti-devil fruit technology, as shown in chapter 1078 yesterday.

In the chapter, Lilith uses a weapon called the 'Bubble Gun', where the user will emit sea energy that can neutralize devil fruit powers. She was able to neutralize S-Snake's Mero Mero devil fruit power. 

Based on this, this technology can certainly be used to face enemies who have devil fruit powers, including Blackbeard and his crew.

The second way is to drown everything in the sea. 

In a previous article, there was a discussion about the possibility of Blackbeard betraying his crew. 

In this case, everything will drown in the sea because of an event. 

However, Blackbeard then let them drown in the sea. 

The sea itself is the greatest weakness of devil fruit users.

Because that's the next way that can be used to defeat Blackbeard next is to sink him into the sea. 

Apart from being able to defeat Blackbeard, one can also defeat the entire crew even though it requires a fairly mature strategy.

 The last method is a way that many geeks probably already know and is familiar with, namely utilizing the power of Haki.

Haki has become commonplace and even important for pirates who want to go to New World. 

Without the ability of Haki, surely they will not be able to survive unless their devil fruit power is strong. 

On the other hand, Haki is also able to withstand the original power of Logia-type devil fruit users. 

So, it makes sense that this is one way to defeat Blackbeard.

Who Has A Chance To Beat Blackbeard

One Piece: This Is the Best Way to Beat Blackbeard!

In the points above, we already know about several ways you can beat Blackbeard. 

However, what also needs to be a concern is that considering that Blackbeard is a strong figure, maybe not everyone is able to face him. 

Ace, Hancock, and also Law can be proof of how powerful Blackbeard is in being able to beat the three of them.

Then, with that in mind, who has the chance to defeat Blackbeard? 

So far, there are two people who have been able to defeat Blackbeard or have a good chance of defeating Blackbeard. 

First is Shanks the Red Hair. 

Regarding Shanks' strength level, I don't think we need to doubt it anymore. 

Moreover, Blackbeard himself admits that he is not as strong as Shanks.

The figure of Shanks is known to only rely on Haki in fighting against anyone. 

And this is evident throughout its appearance in the story. 

What's also interesting is that in chapter 1079 yesterday, we got the fact that Shanks is also currently hunting for Blackbeard. 

It's evident from how he came to Wano to look forward to his appearance, which turned out to be nothing.

Shanks' fight against Blackbeard is also one of the battles that fans have been waiting for. 

Furthermore, the person who has the opportunity to beat Blackbeard is definitely the main protagonist of the series, Monkey D. Luffy. 

With all the powerful powers he has now, including Gear Five, it feels like Luffy does have a great chance to defeat Blackbeard.

In the Wano arc, Luffy was able to face Kaido alone. 

That is, facing Blackbeard will probably be as strong as facing Kaido. 

Apart from Shanks, the fight between Luffy and Blackbeard is also the most awaited by fans. 

The reason is, Luffy has a personal grudge with the figure of Blackbeard either related to Ace's figure or what has happened between them before. 

Let's just wait, geeks, how Blackbeard will be able to beat him.

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