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One Piece: Shanks Proves to be Stronger Than Big Mom?

One Piece: Shanks Proves to be Stronger Than Big Mom?

It has been proven in the latest chapter of One Piece that Shanks is actually stronger than the other Yonko, known as the strongest Yonko, Big Mom. 

Apart from the events taking place on Egghead Island, the current storyline of the manga also focuses on what is happening on Elbaf Island. 

In this story, another member of the Worst Generation, Eustass Kid, must face the Red Hair Pirates on the island.

Interestingly, the story shows how easily the group of Eustass Kid is destroyed, as Shanks only needs one attack to defeat them. 

This is surprising since Kid had previously defeated Big Mom in a battle on Onigashima Island. 

This hints that Shanks is much stronger than Big Mom.

In the One Piece story, there is a system that is one of the greatest sources of power that maintains balance in the world, called the Yonko, or Four Emperors of the Sea. 

They are known as four formidable and incredibly powerful pirates because they have terrifying fighting abilities, immense strength, and great influence that is evident in their control over various territories.

Initially, the four extraordinary individuals were known as Kaido, Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Shanks. However, there have been significant changes in the story. 

Blackbeard has shifted the position of Whitebeard after his death at Marineford. 

Luffy and Buggy now occupy the two empty positions left by Big Mom and Kaido after their defeat on Onigashima Island.

Although all four are known as the strongest pirates in the One Piece world, their levels of strength are not equal. 

However, due to her incredible physical and endurance strength, Big Mom is known as the strongest Yonko. 

Even from a young age, her strength was already formidable as she had defeated another giant.

In addition to her physical strength, Big Mom also has the power of her Devil Fruit, the Soru Soru no Mi, which makes her even stronger. 

Her reputation as one of the strongest characters in the One Piece story makes her rarely compared to Shanks, who is known as a skilled fighter. 

Shanks is also known for his incredible physical abilities and swordsmanship.

His reputation as a rival of Dracule Mihawk is one proof of his strength. 

However, the most prominent aspect of Shanks's strength is his incredible Haki ability. 

So far, no one has been able to surpass the use of Haki at a high level like Shanks, including Big Mom. 

The latest chapter confirms this.

Not the Strongest Big Mom

One Piece: Shanks Proves to be Stronger Than Big Mom?

Even though at first glance Big Mom looks much stronger than Shanks, in fact, Shanks is actually much stronger than Big Mom. 

One of the proofs is in the latest chapter of One Piece manga yesterday. 

In chapter 1079, it was shown how Shanks managed to single-handedly destroy the Kid pirate group. 

In fact, he only used one attack to destroy Kid's group.

Shanks is shown using his sword, Gryphon, which then coats his sword with Conqueror Haki. 

After that, Shanks used a technique called 'Divine Departure.' This was not a random technique. 

This technique is a powerful technique that was used by Gol D. Roger to destroy Kozuki Oden. 

The attack destroys Kid's Damned Punk Railgun.

In fact, the effect of Kamusari's attack aka 'Divine Departure' was able to make Kid (and even Killer who was trying to protect him) then crash and become unconscious. 

This moment seemed to provide evidence of how strong Shanks was. 

And the thing to note is that the Kamusari technique that he uses could be one of the techniques he is good at. 

That means, there are still many other secret moves that he hasn't shown in the story.

Then, what does it mean? 

You may be know how devastating the battle in Onigashima was, when Luffy faced Kaido, Kid and Law fought Big Mom. 

In that moment, it seemed that Kid was able to survive Big Mom's attacks, even after Big Mom strengthened his body and strength after using his own life ration.

Some of Big Mom's mainstay techniques, such as God of Lightning Tenjin, Fulgora, Ikoku Sovereignity, and others are able to be resisted by Kid. 

He managed to get back up after being hit by the powerful attack and returned to fighting. 

However, different things are shown in chapter 1079 where Kid is unable to face one powerful attack from Shanks.

Based on the comparison of strength and attacks, we can conclude how Shanks has far greater and deadlier power when compared to Big Mom. 

And this also seems to confirm that Shanks is indeed much stronger than Big Mom, which proves how Kid can be defeated with just one attack by Shanks.

Become the Most Feared Figure

One Piece: Shanks Proves to be Stronger Than Big Mom?

With Shanks' strength level, where he is stronger than Big Mom, it makes sense that everyone respects and fears Shanks. 

As you know, Shanks is a pirate character who gets a lot of respect from all parties. 

Starting from the navy, even to the Gorosei, they seemed to be reluctant to see Shanks.

Many then speculated that all of this was because Shanks might be a descendant of a celestial dragon. Although it makes sense, another explanation for all of this is because of Shanks' strength level. 

It could be, because the level of strength he has is truly beyond reason, Shanks is the figure most feared by all groups. 

They know how powerful Shanks is.

This is what might make Sengoku agree to accept his request to bury Ace and Whitebeard in the New World. 

Or maybe when Green Bull decided to run away when Shanks attacked him in Wano. 

Everyone is probably aware of how strong Shanks is, how powerful his Haki is, and how powerful his potential is.

In fact, Luffy himself knows how powerful Shanks is after seeing what happened in his childhood. 

With the tremendous power that he has, it's also natural that later he becomes a figure that many people fear. 

Thus, no one dared to challenge Shanks to a fight. 

Will Luffy then be an opponent for Shanks in the future? We still have to wait.

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