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One Piece: Zoro Masters the Kamusari Technique?


As a candidate for the best swordsman in the world of One Piece, Roronoa Zoro is likely to be able to use one of the most powerful sword techniques, Kamusari. 

Zoro is one of the important characters introduced at the beginning of the story. 

He also has a very big dream that he wants to achieve by adventuring with Luffy.

Zoro is known to be one of the best swordsmen in the series. 

This can be seen throughout the Straw Hat's adventures, where he has defeated many enemies. 

Most recently, he even managed to defeat the last member of the god race, King the Wildfire. 

As a candidate for the best swordsman, will Zoro be able to use the Kamusari technique?

Zoro's Sword Techniques

As one of the best swordsmen in the One Piece story, it is not surprising that Zoro has mastered various sword techniques. 

This can be seen from the beginning of the story until now. 

Before the timeskip, Zoro was known to have mastered various sword techniques. Starting from techniques without swords, one sword, and even up to nine swords techniques.

All of the swordsmanship skills that Zoro has truly help him to increase his power level. He is able to defeat various strong enemies throughout the story. 

Although Zoro has mastered various sword techniques that he has learned, it turns out that Zoro also has other skills in terms of sword techniques, which is to imitate other people's sword techniques.

The most concrete example of this occurred in the battle at Onigashima. 

Zoro is one of the Worst Generation pirates who fought on the roof of Kaido's castle. In that moment, fans were surprised to see Zoro using the Foxfire Style technique to then be able to cut through fire. 

He finally managed to split Promotheus with this technique.

The unusual thing is that along the arc of Wano, Zoro is not shown training with Kinemon's sword techniques. 

In a previous article, it was discussed that Zoro may be able to mimic other people's sword techniques just by seeing them. 

This may be related to Zoro's closed eye, which can "absorb" other people's abilities.

So, just by watching, Zoro will be able to mimic the movements or sword techniques of others, like how he mimicked Kinemon's Foxfire Style. 

Based on this, will Zoro be able to mimic other character's sword techniques? What sword technique will Zoro be able to mimic next?

Able to Use Kamusari

Apart from Kinemon's Foxfire Style, there is a high possibility that Zoro will be able to mimic or use Roger's sword technique, Kamusari. Kamusari has become the focus of many One Piece fans because Shanks used it to destroy Eustass Kid in just one powerful attack.

Although it is unknown where Shanks learned the technique, it is possible that Roger or Rayleigh taught him the incredible technique. So, will Zoro be able to do the same? 

Will Zoro be able to use the Kamusari technique? The answer is yes, Zoro will be able to use Roger's Kamusari technique.

Roronoa Zoro is shown to already have the requirements to use the powerful technique. 

For example, he has a high-quality sword. Both Shanks and Roger are known to have high-quality swords, Ace and Gryphon, respectively. 

Meanwhile, Zoro has the Enma sword, which he can choose to use for the technique.

Furthermore, Zoro is already able to use Conqueror's Haki to coat his sword. 

To use the Kamusari technique, Roger and Shanks would coat their swords with Conqueror's Haki and then make one powerful swing towards the enemy. 

After what happened at Onigashima, Zoro has slowly begun to be able to control his Conqueror's Haki.

He can also coat Enma with this Haki, which is the key to defeating King. 

Based on this explanation, it seems reasonable that Zoro will be able to use the Kamusari technique. 

What Zoro needs to do now is to observe the technique's usage or find someone to teach him.

Technique to Defeat Mihawk

As mentioned above, Zoro has a dream of becoming the world's best swordsman in One Piece. 

However, to achieve this, Zoro must be able to surpass his swordsmanship mentor, Dracule Mihawk. In the story, it is shown how Mihawk's ability is still unmatched by Zoro, even a little bit.

Even Zoro admits that he is still not able to defeat or even approach Mihawk's ability. 

That's why he decided to apprentice under Mihawk during the timeskip. 

Currently, Zoro's swordsmanship has improved drastically, although he may still need more experience and training to defeat Mihawk.

On the other hand, Zoro also needs to enrich his swordsmanship techniques. 

After being able to mimic Kinemon's Foxfire Style, Zoro can utilize the Kamusari technique as one of the techniques to defeat Mihawk. Kamusari is a powerful sword attack that even made Kozuki Oden able to be thrown by Roger. 

This means that if Zoro is able to use the technique, it is not impossible that Mihawk will be surprised and unable to withstand his attack. 

It is certainly interesting to see how Mihawk will react when Zoro uses Kamusari to fight him.

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