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One Piece: Revealed Why Im Sama Doing Great Cleansing!


The Great Cleansing is an event that is still a big question in the story of One Piece. 

Even so, there is a theory that might be able to answer the puzzle of why Im had the heart to do this. 

The figure of Im is the ruler in the world of One Piece where he has done many terrible things.

An example is destroying the Lulusia kingdom as shown in chapter 1060 yesterday. 

Im Sama is shown to have the heart to destroy the kingdom in an instant because it is considered the kingdom to be Sabo's hideout. 

Apart from destroying Lulusia's kingdom, one terrible thing Im has ever done is Great Cleansing. 

However, what exactly motivated him to do this?

What is Great Cleansing

The term Great Cleansing was first introduced in the Reverie arc, in chapter 908 to be precise. At that time, the Gorosei said that the balance of the world could no longer be maintained. 

This came after they considered the Nefertari family to be traitors. Therefore they need to do the Great Cleansing again.

However, what exactly is Great Cleansing? Until now, Eiichiro Oda has not provided complete or clear information regarding this matter.

 However, from the clues presented in the story, Great Cleansing may have something to do with destroying various parties that Im feels as a threat. An obvious example is the Ancient Kingdom.

In the event of a battle that took place 800 years ago it is discovered that the Ancient Kingdom was attacked by an alliance of 20 kingdoms. 

Although it is not yet known what was the reason or motivation, it is believed that because their kingdom's highly advanced technology was considered a threat to the others. 

Because of that, Im then initiated the Great Cleansing by destroying the Ancient Kingdom.

Aside from the Ancient Kingdom, it's also possible that Im did the same thing to various other parties. 

For example, to the Lunarian tribe which this might be the reason why they are now considered extinct except for King who is the only Lunarian left. 

The most recent of course is how Im destroyed the Lulusia kingdom and how the World Government killed Nefertari Cobra.

This is also supported by other clues, where there are four posters that were held by Im. The poster belongs to Vivi, Luffy, Blackbeard, and Shirahoshi. 

This means that these four characters are Great Cleansing's next targets because Im is considered a threat.

The Reason Im Doing Great Cleansing

Why then did Im have the heart to do the Great Cleansing? Even though the reason for avoiding those who are considered a threat makes sense for Im to do this, there may be other reasons which could be far more complex. 

For example, Im  Sama doesn't like how Joy Boy thinks all living things are on the same level.

In chapter 908 we also see how Im keeps a giant straw hat in Mary Geoise. Widespread speculation among fans said that it belonged to Joy Boy. 

In the story, we know that Joy Boy is trying to unite all living things to live in the same region and land. However, maybe Im not happy with the idea of Joy Boy.

Because of that, Im then initiated the Great Cleansing of the Ancient Kingdom which was thought to be the home of Joy Boy. 

Another reason, although unlikely, could be Im having bad experiences or memories with Joy Boy. 

Because of that, he also tried to take revenge against the figure of Joy Boy. And to cover the tracks he did, Im then did the Great Cleansing.

So why then did Im Sama do the Great Cleansing? Although there is still no definite answer, it is possible that this has something to do with Im's past and also Joy Boy. 

Im then performs the Great Cleansing - by erasing people's memories, destroying the island, and even erasing existing history - in order to cover up what he has done.

Joy Boy Becomes a Savior

Im's calm seems to have started to be "disturbed" since the appearance of Monkey D. Luffy. 

From the start, it is shown that Luffy has succeeded in stealing the attention of Im and the World Government. 

For example, when they defeated the Shichibukai and even directly challenged the World Government at Enies Lobby. 

Even though Luffy was on their radar back then, they still weren't giving him his full attention.


It was only after the major events that occurred that the World Government, especially Im, began to pay serious attention to Luffy. 

Moreover, Im also realized that the straw hat used by Luffy was the same as the giant straw hat that was allegedly used by Joy Boy. 

It seemed to reopen the bad memories in Im's memory.

This then made Im try desperately to kill Luffy, like what happened in the Wano arc. 

On the other hand, Im's fear of Luffy also makes sense. 

The reason is, Luffy himself has been confirmed as the new Joy Boy figure. Zunesha, the legendary elephant who knows Joy Boy, said that Joy Boy had indeed returned when he was in Wano.

Luffy himself is currently still trying to realize his dream of becoming the pirate king. 

However, if we look at what has happened so far, Luffy is also likely to do what Joy Boy did in ancient times. 

This is evident in how Luffy considers Fishman Island as his territory. And he also helped Wano escape from Kaido's clutches.

Based on this explanation, there is a possibility that Luffy, who incidentally is the reincarnation of Joy Boy, will be a savior for everyone. 

However, this would of course be a nightmare for Im. Im himself has started another Great Cleansing by killing Nefertari Cobra and now he is targeting Vivi and even Luffy.

Will Im do this successfully? Will Im present Great Cleansing like what happened 800 years ago to stop Luffy?

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