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One Piece 1077 Spoiler: Shanks vs Kid Battle and Revealed Who Is Weevil

Even though chapter 1077 for the One Piece manga is off this week, several spoiler predictions have been circulating. 

As usual, Eiichiro Oda presents an epic and hanging story that makes fans curious before the weekly break. In chapter 1076, we finally see Kaku and Rob Lucci's unique teamwork with Zoro and Luffy in facing the Seraphim.

Then, we finally know what happened to Vegapunk who was locked up in a special prison. 

What's interesting is that in the place where Vegapunk was detained, there were also other Cipher Pol agents who had been declared missing. At the end of the chapter, we then see how Shanks and his team are ready to fight against the Eustass Kid pirate group

Spoiler Predictions for Chapter 1077

Then, what is likely to happen in chapter 1077? The first is that we might still see the continuation of the fight between Kaku, Zoro, Luffy, and Lucci against S-Hawk and S-Bear. 

Even though they managed to blow away the two Seraphim, as Vegapunk said they were the 'strongest weapon of humanity.' 

This meant that it was clear that there was no way the Seraphim could be defeated just like that.

Perhaps, we will see a more intense battle where the two Seraphim will show their might. 

And on the other hand, we will also see another slick collaboration from the unusual collaboration of the four characters. 

Then, chapter 1077 might finally show who the mysterious figure or traitor is hanging around on Egghead Island.

Over the last few chapters, we see how Egghead's island finds itself in an unusual situation. 

There was sabotage going on, there were even attacks not only on the original Vegapunk and its satellites. 

However, the attack also led to CP0 agents and the Straw Hat crew. 

The Vegapunk Satellite attempted to solve the problem which unfortunately failed.

What's interesting is that a mysterious shadow appears that makes the fans curious. Several names have appeared, speculated as traitors or owners of this mysterious shadowy figure. 

For example, Caribou whose fate and whereabouts are mysterious. 

Then, there is also the figure of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn who is considered to have succeeded in infiltrating Egghead Island and being the perpetrator of all these actions.

One piece spoiler prediction for chapter 1077 might also show the status of Kizaru and Saturn. 

After they were previously shown to be at sea, maybe in the newest chapter we will see them arriving at Egghead Island. 

And of course it will be interesting to see how they react when they learn about the huge chaos that is currently taking place on the island.

Many fans suspect that for the first time we will see how powerful the power of a Gorosei is in that moment. 

The reason is, there is speculation that Luffy might fight against Saturn on Egghead Island. 

Kizaru himself might face Zoro or the other Straw Hats. Of course the Gorosei will be the next big challenge for Luffy after Kaido.

Other 1077 Spoiler Predictions

Apart from the points above, another chapter 1077 spoiler prediction point is that maybe we will see the continuation of Marco and Bakkin's story again. 

The last time they appeared Bakkin asked for Marco's help to free Weevil who was captured by Ryokugyu. Bakkin also knows Weevil's true origins. 

This chapter might finally answer who Weevil really is, maybe we'll even know who Whitebeard is.

Apart from the story about Bakkin and Marco, we might also see the continuation of Garp and Helmeppo's adventures in their efforts to save Koby. 

Several Oda chapters have not provided a continuation of the story from this moment. And maybe in the next chapter we will see how Garp's efforts to save Koby and also who will then help him.

Lastly, as mentioned above that at the end of chapter 1076 we see how Shanks' pirate group prepares to face Eustass Kid's group on Elbaf island. 

Spoiler prediction for chapter 1077 might show the epic battle of the two pirate groups. Even though the battle itself might not start yet, the meeting between the two of them before the battle would definitely present something extraordinary. 

Chapter 1077 itself is scheduled for release on March 12, 2023, but the spoiler will appear on social media a few days before.

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