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One Piece 1077 Spoiler: Rob Lucci Betrays Luffy and Escapes Egghead When the Gorosei Arrive

Based on the One Piece 1077 manga spoiler circulating, Rob Lucci committed betrayal to Luffy.
This is due to the influence of Gorosei Saturn who will soon arrive on Egghead Island.

So what did the Gorosei do to make Rob Lucci betray?

Previously known, Rob Lucci and Kaku offered to help Zoro and Luffy defeat the Seraphim.

Because the Seraphim are now suddenly against the Straw Hats.

All of that was caused by a traitor who was one of Vegapunk's clones.

Plus it would be very troublesome, of course, if you have to watch over Rob Lucci and Kaku when the Seraphim attack.

Even though Zoro didn't believe it, Luffy without thinking immediately accepted Rob Lucci's offer.

Luffy, Zoro and the two CP0 agents managed to defeat the Seraphim.

Interestingly, in the circulating spoilers, Rob Lucci suddenly gets a call from one of the Gorosei.

The Gorosei asked Rob Lucci the current state of Egghead Island and Vegapunk's assassination mission.

Of course Rob Lucci, who doesn't want his name to be tarnished, said that his mission would soon be over.

But he admits that he has not been able to catch the Straw Hats because Stussy has betrayed him.

One of the Gorosei then said that at this time the Gorosei Saturn had arrived at Egghead Island together with Admiral Kizaru.

Hearing this news, Rob Lucci and Kaku were also surprised because they had just found out about this.

His expression that previously looked annoyed and resigned now changed to one filled with hope.

Without going into length, Rob Lucci and Kaku, who had quite high speed, ran away from there.

It makes perfect sense that with the Awakening ability and the Rokushiki technique, both of them could escape fairly easily.

Then when Zoro was about to chase him, Shaka said that it would be better for Luffy and Zoro to find the whereabouts of the real Dr. Vegapunk.

Moreover, Gorosei Saturn will soon arrive at Egghead Island.

So Dr. Vegapunk's safety is more important than teaching Rob Lucci a lesson.

There are many possibilities that will happen from Rob Lucci's betrayal to Luffy.

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