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One Piece 1080 Spoiler Reddit: Shanks Die? New Age of Yonkou!

One Piece 1080 Spoiler Reddit: Shanks Die? New Age of Yonkou!

One Piece 1080 will be shocking news for fans.

Kid will most likely face Shanks.

Currently, Shanks is a Yonkou from the old generation of Whitebeard's era.

Blackbeard is still a Yonkou position but not with Big Mom and Kaido.

Most likely, Shanks' Era will also end and he might die at Kid's hand.

According to many viewers, Kid and his crew will be "picked up" by the Red Hair band and then invited to Shanks' gang. 

This development is quite interesting, especially since "the man marked by flames" mentioned by Kid is likely Shanks.

Before the fight, Shanks asked about Blackbeard's whereabouts. 

It seems that Red Hair also has something to "face" with Blackbeard. 

Previously, Shanks went to Wano Island, possibly to look for another Yonko.

The kid was defeated. 

In the next few chapters, we may also learn about Law's condition. 

The bet on Law is not too good - just hoping he doesn't lose his life and his Devil Fruit because of Blackbeard.

What did Blackbeard's pirates do at Egghead? Before that, we saw most of Blackbeard's forces fighting Law. So who came to Egghead? 

What is their goal? 

It seems we have to wait for the next chapter to find out. 

According to us, Devon and Shiryu are on that ship. 

Their presence will make the situation at Egghead very chaotic.

Back to the situation at Egghead. In the next chapter, the Straw Hats will continue to struggle with Seraphim. 

Vegapunk will soon be saved by Robin and Brook. 

We still hold onto the speculation that Bonney will be attacked by Seraphim and the Straw Hats will protect her. 

The Vegapunk incident will happen in a few hours - so maybe in 1-3 chapters, the Marines will start docking.

Meanwhile, the One Piece story becomes more exciting as Oda finally shows Akagami Shanks fighting in the main plot, in chapter 1080. 

Eustass Captain Kid will be Shanks' opponent in One Piece 1080, following their confrontation in the previous chapter.

As previously revealed, after allying with Luffy and Law to defeat the Yonkou duo Big Mom and Kaido, Kid was shown heading to Elbaf Island. 

He was searching for someone with burn scars who was suspected to be Jaguar D Saul, a former Vice Admiral who had important information about the Road Poneglyph. 

Elbaf Island was where Jaguar D Saul hid after the incident at Ohara Island.

However, when Kid entered Elbaf Island, there were already several pirate ships docked there. 

Yonkou Akagami Shanks, along with his core crew of the Red Hair Pirates and allied pirates, was also on the island. Shanks was informed by Rockstar about Kid's arrival at Elbaf Island. 

Shanks ordered Rockstar to tell Kid to leave the Road Poneglyph he had and escape from them. 

However, with Kid's stubborn nature, it's unlikely he would comply with Shanks' request, making their fight inevitable.

Many fans believe that Eustass Kid's fate is the most tragic among the three strongest Supernova captains because he has to face Akagami Shanks. 

This is because the Red Hair Pirates were the opponents who made Eustass Kid lose his left arm. 

Later, it was revealed that the opponent who fought Kid was not one of the core members of the Red Hair Pirates but a pirate allied with Yonkou Akagami Shanks.

However, this does not mean that Eustass Kid will lose in a direct confrontation with Shanks in One Piece chapter 1080. 

It's possible that Akagami Shanks will be the one who loses, ending the era of the old Yonkou.

After the fall of Kaido and Big Mom, Akagami Shanks is the only Yonkou left from the old era. 

The old Yonkou lost their position as emperors of the new world's sea after fighting against the Worst Generation.

By making Eustass Kid face Akagami Shanks, the mangaka may be emphasizing the end of the old Yonkou era by the Worst Generation. 

Although Eustass Kid lost his arm when facing Shanks, it happened shortly after he entered the new world sea. 

After facing various battles, especially after successfully defeating Yonkou Big Mom, his power, which holds the highest bounty among the Supernova before the time skip, has certainly developed rapidly.

Considering Eustass Kid is the rival of the main character, Monkey D Luffy, his strength is expected to be equal to that of the new Yonkou. 

It remains to be seen who will emerge as the winner when the Red Hair Pirates fight against Kid's pirate crew.

For the development of the One Piece story, it is hoped that Kid will be able to defeat Shanks. 

Although Shanks' defeat is the least desirable outcome for fans, the old Yonkou era must come to an end.

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Luffy March 30, 2023 at 1:05 PM Delete Comment
It's clearly mentioned in previous chapter that kid pirates lost the fight by author. Please use your head before writing.