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One Piece 1080 Spoilers: Vegapunk Almost Becomes a Celestial Dragon?

One of the biggest reasons why York later betrays and wants to become a Celestial Dragon is because Vegapunk may have once been part of them. 

The Celestial Dragons are the highest order in the structure of life in the One Piece story. It is known that they are descendants of 20 kingdoms that built the current World Government.

The Celestial Dragons live in a special area called Mary Geoise, where they live in luxury. They always feel that their lives are above ordinary people who are considered inferior. 

This is evident from the clothing they wear. In chapter 1078, it was revealed that one of Vegapunk's satellites, York, wants to become a Celestial Dragon. Does this have anything to do with Vegapunk's past?

Offered to become a Celestial Dragon

The statement above means that Vegapunk may have been offered to become a Celestial Dragon in the past. There are two main clues that support this speculation. 

The first is the cover story in chapter 1075, which shows a young Vegapunk going to Mary Geoise. He seems to have met with the Gorosei and discussed something.

Secondly, in Vegapunk's flashback in Ohara, he explained to Dragon the only reason why he was willing to accept the offer to work for the World Government. 

According to him, only the World Government can provide all the resources he needs. They can continue to provide an endless supply in large quantities.

However, what is interesting is that in chapter 1078, Vegapunk stated firmly that the Celestial Dragons are "lowly people." 

That is why he questioned why York had the desire to become a Celestial Dragon. Based on the explanation above, there is one big thing we can conclude. Vegapunk knows what the Celestial Dragons are really like.

However, he realizes that only they can fulfill his big dream by providing all the resources he needs. 

That is why Vegapunk later agreed to join the SSG and refused to join the Revolutionary Army. 

Nevertheless, Vegapunk still seems to harbor hatred towards the Celestial Dragons.

And what is presented in the cover story of chapter 1075 is likely the moment when Vegapunk was offered to become a Celestial Dragon. 

This is because they appreciate the intelligence that Vegapunk possesses. However, Vegapunk likely refused the offer from the Gorosei.

Reason for York's Betrayal

What happened to Vegapunk and the offer to become a Celestial Dragon is likely the basis for the reason why York betrayed. And this is also the reason why York wants to become a Celestial Dragon. In the previous chapter, it was discussed that York is the embodiment of Vegapunk's "greatest desire."

Because the six Vegapunk satellites represent each of Vegapunk's emotions or traits, it makes sense that York would become the embodiment of the scientist's greatest desire. 

In this case, there is a possibility that Vegapunk actually has a great desire to become part of the Celestial Dragons. 

Why? Perhaps because they can fulfill anything they want thanks to unlimited resources.

However, on the other hand, Vegapunk uses his intuition and feelings to know what the Celestial Dragons are really like. 

He knows that the Celestial Dragons are a corrupt group who like to oppress and always look down on ordinary people, and so on. 

This may be the reason why Vegapunk said that they are "lowly people."

What, then, is his connection to York and his betrayal? York does not have the ability to think further than Vegapunk, because he really only represents one emotion or feeling, namely pretense. 

And this is also what York later showed where he wanted to become a sky dragon by getting rid of Vegapunk and working with the World Government. This is Vegapunk's greatest loss.


The big question then is whether York is really capable of becoming part of the celestial dragons? Although York really wanted to become a celestial dragon, this was impossible to achieve. 

One major thing that made York's wish impossible was that he was not a descendant of 20 royals. 

As mentioned above, the position of the celestial dragons are those who are the 20 royal bloodlines that make up the World Government.

York, on the other hand, was not part of the 20 kingdoms. He is only a satellite of Vegapunk and is an artificial human. 

Because of that, it makes sense that the World Government doesn't want to give York that status just like that. 

The status of a celestial dragon was a position that could not be casually given to others. 

What's interesting is that even the World Government actually considers York as a threat.

This is because they think York also knows what Vegapunk is doing with his research. 

That could be the reason why York was betrayed by the World Government where they actually wanted to destroy York besides the original Vegapunk and Egghead Island as shown in chapter 1079. 

Does York then have his own plans why then does he want to become a Celestial Dragon?

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