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One Piece: Finally Oda Reveals the Secret of Robin's Body!

Eiichiro Oda gave Robin's secret information about the lines on the chest when he used the Gigante Fleur technique. 

The figure of Nico Robin is one of the Straw Hat crew who has tremendous power, even though he is very rarely shown to fight. 

Robin more often moves behind the scenes. He would only really fight if the situation was already dangerous.

It is known that Robin has the Devil Fruit Hana Hana. 

This Paramecia type devil fruit allows Nico Robin to issue additional arms. The proof of the awesomeness of this devil fruit was shown when he faced Black Maria in the Wano arc. 

And in that fight, Robin showed one of his new techniques, Gigante Fleur. However, there is something interesting about this technique where there are "oddities" on the body.

Robin Body Secret Facts

In chapter 1004, we saw how Sanji was restrained by Black Maria after he defeated Kaido's men. 

Black Maria then ordered Sanji to deliver a message to a girl wearing an eye symbol similar to Bao Huang. Black Maria asked Sanji to bring Nico Robin before her, but of course this was flatly refused by Sanji.

Sanji even told Black Maria that Nico Robin was not someone to beat easily. In chapter 1020 the fight between Black Maria and Nico Robin finally happened. 

This is a continuation of the story after Sanji asked Robin for help, after Black Maria forced him to bring Robin before him. 

And in the end Nico Robin appeared and got ready to fight against Black Maria.

During the fight, Black Maria used an illusion trick to trick Nico Robin. However, in reality this does not apply to Robin. 

Black Maria had the upper hand before Robin turned things around by using his newest technique, Gigante Fleur. Thanks to that attack, Black Maria was finally defeated.

What's interesting is that if you look in more detail when the technique is performed there are lines that appear on Robin's chest. 

This also made many fans curious and became one of the questions asked to Oda Sensei. Oda himself then gives the readers the freedom to judge what those lines are. 

And the answers that emerged varied.

There is mention if it is a vertical line that is given to prevent Nico Robin from being seen completely naked. 

There are also those who say that it is the 'Demonio Line' that will appear when Robin is angry, the concept is similar to the veins in the human body. 

And what was most unique was that there was an answer that said it was an onion, which was later "confirmed" by Oda.

Be Oda's Characteristic

It has been more than 20 years that the One Piece story by Eiichiro Oda has appeared and there are many things that are then considered to be the hallmark of the series as the work of Oda Sensei. 

One of these characteristics is the female characters who are often depicted as having a large sensitive size.

The beauty and beauty of the bodies of these female characters sometimes seem to cover up their true abilities and skills. 

This is of course very unfortunate considering they have great potential. In fact, this is also often the criticism of the fans. 

They had asked Oda Sensei in the SBS column regarding this matter.

They wondered whether it was Eiichiro Oda's "favorite". Oda then replied that all of these things were done for the sake of realizing the "dreams" of teenage boys - who usually like looks like that. 

And this was proven through the demonstration of the Gigante Fleur technique performed by Robin.

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