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One Piece 1079 Spoilers: Revealed This Potential Makes Mihawk Acknowledge Zoro

Currently, One Piece spoilers have been circulating widely, especially on social media.

In the previous chapter, the traitor among Luffy's group was revealed.

In One Piece 1079, it is revealed that Zoro's potential for power is extraordinary, to the point where Eiichiro Oda reveals his family lineage, which is recognized by Mihawk.

Zoro has always been strong, but he was still decisively defeated by Mihawk in the early chapters of One Piece, even though Mihawk only used a small knife while Zoro used all his abilities.

After thousands of chapters and a long journey, Zoro's efforts have finally paid off. After the Wano arc, Captain Zoro, alias Luffy, was able to defeat Kaido and earn the title of Yonkou.

Not only that, but as vice captain, Zoro also proved his strength by being recognized by Kaido, who compared him to the best swordsman in Wano, a land of great samurai.

Despite defeating King, fans believe that Zoro still hasn't fully utilized his strength, which is believed to be even greater.

This further proves that Zoro is one of the strongest characters in One Piece, especially considering the surprise that occurred in the latest chapter.

In this chapter, Zoro confronts Seraphim S-Hawk when she tries to attack Vegapunk Lilith. S-Hawk, who has power and appearance similar to Mihawk, is surprised by Zoro's attack and analyzes its level.

Feeling the strength of Zoro's attack, S-Hawk becomes hesitant to face him in the fight that takes place on Egghead Island.

Some fans predict that Eiichiro Oda is trying to show that Zoro's abilities are now on par with Mihawk's and are equivalent to those of a Yonkou.

In addition, Oda has also revealed Zoro's family lineage in SBS Volume 105 in One Piece chapters 1076-1077, which suggests that Zoro may be a descendant of a legendary and recognized swordsman. 

This could be why Mihawk recognizes Zoro as the vice captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, seeing his potential for power and his bloodline.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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