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Boruto Chapter 79 Reddit Spoiler: Eida Rewrites History!

Boruto Chapter 79 Reddit Spoiler: Eida Rewrites History!

Initially, many Naruto fans were disappointed and even disliked the storyline of Boruto.

 This was because Boruto's life was happy - he was the son of the Hokage and had a caring environment around him.

However, it turns out that the current storyline only shows Boruto's happy childhood before it all disappears. 

All fans were shocked and saddened to learn that everything Boruto had would be gone, leaving only himself. No one would even know who Boruto was anymore.

The current storyline is only meant to show that he is Uzumaki Boruto, as previously revealed by Momoshiki, who mentioned that everything you have will disappear. 

This storyline is revealed in the Boruto manga chapter 79 spoiler, where Eida uses her power to rewrite history.

This makes Boruto officially an enemy of Konoha. 

The spoiler for Boruto Chapter 79 also reveals something unexpected: Boruto is officially a villain, and the world seems to be turned upside down with the all-powerful title of "Kawaki's Pursuit".

Eida, who uses her Sharingan power, successfully finds Kawaki and tells him that he is on her side. 

The situation changes when Boruto becomes concerned about his desire to protect Naruto and Kawaki wants to take Boruto's position.

Eida unleashes her full power to rewrite history, and Boruto and Kawaki's lives are brought back. 

Now, Naruto's son has become a villain.

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