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One Piece 1078 Spoiler: York's Ambition to Become a Tenryuubito

One Piece 1078 will be released in a few days, so many spoilers have been circulating.

The fans were also curious about the crazy plot twist that happened after the last One Piece chapter.

Previously, it was revealed who the traitor was, namely one of the Vegapunks themselves and had the crazy ambition of becoming a Tenryuubito, killing all Vegapunks and destroying Egghead Island!

In the leak of One Piece 1078 which begins with the continuation of the story on the cover about 2 MADS mad scientists namely Judge and Caesar.

Then the story continues in the fierce battle between Sanji and the Seraphim Shark, which is Jinbe's prototype.

On the other hand Zoro and Kaku are still facing Seraphim Hawk who is the prototype of Mihawk plus Mr.1 and also the Lunarian race like King who is clearly so strong.

As for Luffy and Luci, they face Seraphim Bear, who is Kuma's prototype. Of course, the secret of his strength will be revealed more in this chapter of One Pie 1078.

Then back to the old lab where Shaka was shot in the head while trying to save Stella.

Finally, the figure of the traitor who even had the heart to kill Shaka was revealed.

None other than he is another variant of Vegapunk itself, but it is unexpected that it is York who has been doing those bad and evil things.

She has the same cute smiling expression we've seen in other chapters, but a little more sinister.

York spoke with Stella, and said that he would become a Tenryuubito.

Stella was surprised and angry why York wanted to be a person who felt the greatest but was actually so despicable.

York was getting crazier, actually laughed and said that it was just the words of Shaka who was dead.

She says again all Vegapunks are so annoying and there only needs to be one.

So it's clear, all this time why Vegapunk's plans have all been thwarted, this is sabotage from York.

York was also the one who leaked important information directly to the Tenryuubito via the Gorosei

ity is also the reason why in this naval invasion, the world government also stepped down.

One of the gorosei even came to Egghead it seems because this was York's agreement.

On top of that, York who was completely darkened by her insane ambitions would continue to wipe out all of the remaining Vegapunks so that there was only her.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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