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One Piece 1078 Spoilers Complete: Egghead Incident Facts!

In the complete One Piece chapter 1078 spoiler, various interesting things and big facts that happened on Egghead Island have finally been revealed.

Previously, the fans were curious about who was the person who had betrayed and caused chaos on the island. 

They were also panicked and confused after the navy planned to come to the island.

The navy itself plans to kill Vegapunk. However, what is interesting is the role of the Gorosei in the plan to attack Egghead Island. 

This also raises a question mark what exactly are they planning? Why then was there the participation of the Gorosei in this raid? 

And the answer is finally revealed in the full One Piece 1078 spoiler.

Naval Plan

Chapter 1078 opens with the unveiling of the navy's grand plan. This was thanks to personal communication between Stussy and Sentomaru. 

Stussy explained that there are two main reasons why navies carry out attacks on such a large scale. 

First, Vegapunk managed to discover what the scholar Ohara failed to find. Secondly, Egghead has a very strong defense.

The first reason stated by Stussy is interesting, because it means that Vegapunk knows a lot about what happened in the past. 

Does it mean that all these inventions and technologies are the result of the research of the Void Century? 

The answer is yes, because Vegapunk and Shaka themselves said so. Even so, we still don't know to what extent Vegapunk knows about history and past information.

Situations in Various Places

Chaotic situations also occurred in various places on Egghead Island. As previously known, the Straw Hats finally decided to split up to find Vegapunk and Bonney. 

However, they all had a bad luck where the Seraphim came to attack. The effect is that their mission is hampered and what's worse is that many of them become victims.

For example, Pythagoras who almost died from being attacked by Seraphim. 

In fact, in chapter 1078 he finally had to be crushed after the S-Snake smashed his head. Franky himself was in a helpless state after half of his body turned to stone. 

Usopp and Lillith even had their whole body affected by Mero Mero no Mi from S-Snake. This is certainly not good for the Straw Hat crew.

Seraphim Too Strong

In the previous chapter, Roronoa Zoro gave information to Luffy, Lucci, and Kaku about Seraphim who resemble Lunarians. 

He knew that the Lunarians had a weakness in their backs which was when the fire on their backs went out. However, this chapter shows how the fire never goes out. 

This also made it difficult for them to face the two Seraphim.

This moment also raises another question, does it mean that Vegapunk already knows this weakness? If so, maybe Vegapunk has made modifications to its weaknesses. 

Thus, the Seraphim's weakness did not lie in the fire that was behind their backs. It could be that the Seraphim have other weaknesses in their bodies or there are certain things that make them weak.

The Egghead Incident

One of the interesting things that appears in chapter 1078 is the discussion about the Egghead Incident. According to the narrator, the Egghead incident occurred three months ago. 

At that time, the World Government received news that Vegapunk had committed treason. 

He conducted research on the Void Century, whose results far surpassed those of the Ohara scholars.


This made the World Government decide to carry out a massive attack on Egghead Island. The navy even deployed a very large fleet, whose scale of attack far exceeded that of the Ohara incident. 

However, what's interesting is that just as their plan was about to go ahead, an unexpected situation arose where Luffy landed on Egghead Island. 

Of course, it will be interesting to see what their next steps will be and what plans they have prepared to deal with Luffy.

Traitor character

After several chapters we are shown that there is a traitor roaming Egghead Island, we finally know who the traitor is. At the end of the chapter, it is shown that one of Vegapunk's satellites, namely York, is the traitor all along. 

What's interesting is that there were two reasons why York decided to betray.

First, he wanted to become part of the celestial dragon race. Second, York doesn't want another Vegapunk in this world. He wants to be the one and only Vegapunk. 

Because of that, he killed all of the existing Vegapunks. 

What's interesting is that his final narration states that his "greatest desire has finally been revealed." This means that being the only Vegapunk could be York's greatest desire.

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