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One Piece 1078 Spoiler: What is Tenryuubito? Why is York so Ambitious to Become a Tenryuubito

In the latest One Piece chapter 1078 spoiler, it is stated that a traitor is one of Dr Vegapunk's clones named York.

One of the reasons York betrayed was his ambition to become a Tenryuubito.

Actually what is the Tenryuubito?

Tenryuubito is a world noble who has great influence on the rules in the World Government

It is said that the Tenryuubito came from an alliance of 20 countries that united to defeat an ancient kingdom. His power is under the auspices of the Gorosei. 

Because it was considered so strong, no one dared mess with this group

Here are some facts about Tenryuubito:

1. Descendants of 20 Important Countries

These World Nobles declared that they were different from ordinary people. 

That said, Tenryuubito is the original descendant of 20 countries that united and defeated the Ancient Kingdom and then formed the World Government.

Even so, their position is still under the Gorosei who hold full power of the World Government. Meanwhile, we still don't know for sure who Im-sama is. 

Even the kings and queens of other small kingdoms don't dare mess with the Tenryuubito because it could result in the destruction of their country.

2. Hated by Ordinary People

Tenryuubito are hated by ordinary people because of their arrogant nature. They believed that their bloodline was far more special than that of ordinary people. 

If they weren't bad people, the Tenryuubito wouldn't be hated by ordinary people. 

The Tenryuubito live in Mary Geoise, a place that only they have access to. This place is also known as the Holy Land.

3. Abundant Wealth

As a World Noble, of course Tenryuubito has wealth that can be said to be "wow". When St. Charloss went to the auction house in Sabaody, he spent 500 million Belly to buy Camie as a slave. 

The offer Charloss put forward shocked the other participants.

This wealth actually came from countries allied with the World Government. 

The fee that the World Government demands from each country is certainly very large so that the Tenryuubito can have that much wealth. 

Countries that don't pay tribute will likely be destroyed by the World Government.

4. Fear of Clan D

Tenryuubito are hated by almost everyone and no one likes them. 

If not protected by the Marines and Cipher Pol, there is nothing to be afraid of them. Tenryuubito is also not a noble who has the power to fight. 

Tenryuubito may be considered a god, but their greatest fear is the D clan.

The D clan was known as the natural enemies of “gods”. 

It is still unknown why the Tenryuubito can be afraid of clan D. That is one of the biggest mysteries in One Piece. 

It looks like Oda will only reveal this secret when One Piece is nearing the end of the story.

5. National Treasure

Tenryuubito have an arrogant nature so they will not want to agree with others. 

The only thing that could make them obey was Doflamingo who was a fellow Tenryuubito. 

Doflamingo was able to threaten the Tenryuubito because he knew information about a National Treasure hidden in Mary Geoise.

Doflamingo's goal of entering Mary Geoise was to regain the Tenryuubito peerage that his father had previously abandoned. 

Tenryuubito himself once tried to get rid of this Ito Ito no Mi fruit eater but failed. 

Doflamingo left Mary Geoise and used that important information to get everything that only Tenryuubito has.

6. Can Get Devil Fruits Easily

In One Piece, devil fruit is not something that can be obtained easily. 

Even Ope Ope no Mi is valued at 5 billion Belly. 

Those who can get and use devil fruit powers can be said to be very lucky people, as well as Tenryuubito who can buy devil fruit as they please.

Because they have abundant wealth, they can buy devil fruit without any problems. 

This was shown when they forced slaves to eat devil fruit in order to entertain them, like for example Boa Hancock.

Those are some facts about Tenryuubito. It could be that York really wants to become a Tenryuubito because of the things above like being part of the nobility who has abundant wealth and easily gets devil fruits.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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