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One Piece 1078 Spoiler: Why did York Betray Vegapunk?

One Piece 1078 Spoiler: Why did York Betray Vegapunk?

A big surprise appeared in the latest chapter of One Piece manga where it turned out that York was the one who later betrayed Vegapunk and all of Vegapunk's satellites. 

The puzzle about who is the traitor who has done various terrible things that happened on Egghead Island is finally revealed. 

Previously, fans were curious about the mysterious figure that "haunted" everyone there.

The reason is, this mysterious figure did various terrible things, starting from confining the original Vegapunk to even killing Shaka. 

The fans were guessing about who might be the culprit of all this. 

And based on spoiler information or leaks in chapter 1078, it was revealed that it was York who later betrayed Vegapunk and everyone.

York Clues Betrayed Vegapunk

One Piece 1078 Spoiler: Why did York Betray Vegapunk?

In fact, speculation that York is the one who betrayed Vegapunk and other satellites has been around for a long time among fans. 

York is one of the names suspected of being a mysterious figure who sabotages Egghead, as well as Shaka, Pythagoras, and Lillith. 

Even so, York and Shaka are indeed the names most often speculated on compared to the other two.

For example, for Shaka, fans are convinced by his cold demeanor and how he is rarely exposed in the story as a hint that he is the traitor. 

What happened to Shaka in chapter 1077, where he was shot in the head, is considered to be the moment to fake his death so he can move freely.

However, this assumption turned out to be wrong and the traitor was York. 

What's interesting is that there are indeed a number of things that could be a clue that York is this mysterious figure. 

For example, in chapter 1061 it was shown how Lillith had complained that the "desire" of living things was very difficult to control. 

And York herself is a Vegapunk satellite representing "desire".

You might ask, didn't York get hit by the S-Snake and turn to stone? 

However, if geeks forget, the power of the Mero Mero no Mi can also restore those who have turned to stone. 

In this case, York intentionally exposed herself to Mero Mero's attack before Usopp and the others were also hit by it. 

After everyone is affected by this power, S-Snake will restore York to its original state.

Another clue, as stated in the previous article, this mysterious figure is not in favor of either the World Government or the Straw Hat crew. 

Not to mention, many members of Cipher Pol have disappeared since a few months ago. 

That is, there really was a mysterious figure that appeared from Vegapunk's side. 

And the last clue is how York gives orders to Seraphim.

In chapter 1073, York tells S-Snake that Edison gave the order to stop attacking. How then did York know that Edison had ordered the S-Snake? 

This is what then gives a clue if York is in control and planning everything. 

In chapter 1073, we see how York is still sleeping and her size is big.

However, in chapter 1074, York's body has turned thin. 

She probably not only went to the toilet, but also gave the order to attack the Straw Hats as well as CP0. 

Does that mean York has another body? 

Or is there something else? 

We still have to wait for further details.

Why York Betrayed Vegapunk

One Piece 1078 Spoiler: Why did York Betray Vegapunk?

Then, what is the reason York betrayed Vegapunk? 

Based on leaked information from chapter 1078, it is known that the reason York betrayed was because he wanted to be the only Vegapunk in the world of One Piece. 

Apart from that, he also had the desire to become a part of the celestial dragon race. 

These two goals or desires from York can be said to be very interesting, because they are completely unexpected.

Does this have anything to do with York being a representative of "desire"? 

It could be Eiichiro Oda certainly won't present a character in a story just like that and doesn't have a significant impact on the story. 

So far, we've looked at what each of Vegapunk's satellites looks like and the traits that represent them. And only York has not been shown her "true nature."

It could be, this is what later became the "true nature" of York where she has such a great passion in her. 

This desire is none other than wanting to be the only Vegapunk and to become the celestial dragons. 

The reason why she wanted to become a Celestial Dragon has yet to be explored further. 

However, to be the only Vegapunk it seems quite reasonable considering the nature or figure of York.

Does this mean that the Vegapunk satellites have free will? 

Does that mean they are able to think and make their own decisions? 

The answer is yes. 

Throughout the Egghead arc, Oda has presented how each satellite makes decisions and acts as if they were not robots or clones. 

They really move on their own like humans.

And York, who represents "desire", literally shows that she has the greatest desire within her. 

On the other hand, what is also interesting is how later the evil intentions or desires of York were not detected or known by either the other Vegapunk satellites or the original Vegapunk. 

Perhaps, there will be further explanation regarding this in the next chapter.

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