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5 Valuable Messages of Kiki's Delivery Service Anime

5 Valuable Messages of Kiki's Delivery Service Anime

Produced by Studio Ghibli, Majo no Takkyuubin or better known as Kiki's Delivery Service has become one of the anime films that has managed to entertain more than millions of fans since its first release in 1989. 

It follows the daily life of a magical girl named Kiki who is trying hard to find her place in the world she lives in, this anime film really touches the hearts of fans in its own way.

However, Kiki's journey is not always easy. 

She must face various kinds of obstacles on the way. 

The story she carved had many struggles, sorrows and lessons she had to learn to become a better person than before. 

She shows that the process of developing is not easy. 

She learned a lot, like the five valuable messages listed in the review below. 

For that, please refer to the following article.

1. Taking care of yourself is the main focus

5 Valuable Messages of Kiki's Delivery Service Anime

One day, when Kiki forgot about how to enjoy her magic, she started to get tired and lost her strength. 

Instead of focusing on the cause of her loss of power, she is more worried that she will let the client down. 

In the midst of the confusion, Kiki met Ursula, then she was told by the girl that self-care is the main thing because there will be nothing you can do if you don't feel well yourself.

Ursula told a story about Kiki who can't paint anymore because she doesn't do it for herself anymore. 

To that end, she reminds Kiki that the only way to get her magical powers back is to forget about people's expectations and do what's best for yourself. 

When in doubt, she has a piece of advice: take a long walk, see the sights, and sleep during the day.

2. The presence of friends can heal a sick heart

5 Valuable Messages of Kiki's Delivery Service Anime

After losing her magical powers, Kiki is visited by Ursula. 

Later, she was invited out of town by a girl who hoped that she could escape from the pressures of everyday life. 

After expressing all the anxiety she felt to her friend, Ursula, she realized that he had been comforted by this girl who actually also had her own problems.

Even though she still hasn't solved her own problem, Ursula still tries to heal Kiki's heart by being by the girl's side. 

She helps Kiki to sort through the messy emotions and relieve the lumps of anxiety. 

By being by Kiki's side through ups and downs, she has shown the role of a good friend. 

She also doesn't complain about the problems she has with her friend Kiki's problems.

3. Appreciate anyone while the person is still around

5 Valuable Messages of Kiki's Delivery Service Anime

In every life, there is always a loss that accompanies it, that's what Kiki feels. 

When she loses her magical powers, she must also lose her friend, even if only temporarily. 

Kiki can no longer communicate with Jiji so she doesn't feel the presence of the creature that has become her best friend.

Even though she is able to be friends with Jiji again when Kiki has regained her magic powers, she shows a valuable life lesson, which is to respect anyone while that person has not disappeared. 

Kiki feels sad when she loses, as is the feeling felt by humans when they lose a loved one. 

Therefore, she didn't want to waste Jiji's existence when they could communicate with each other.

4. Failure is inevitable

5 Valuable Messages of Kiki's Delivery Service Anime

One of the most difficult life lessons is the inevitable failure. 

Even though this is true, several other anime often show that failure is the most embarrassing thing. 

Meanwhile, the anime film Kiki's Delivery Service further demonstrates that failure is a common thing, so it doesn't need to be shunned.

When her painting is accidentally found by Kiki, Ursula shows pride in the work. 

Kiki comments that she wants a chance to start over. 

Despite having failed as a painter, she realized that it didn't matter because no one is perfect on the first attempt. 

Kiki shows that failure is part of being human and the only way to live life is to learn from failure.

5. Don't judge someone by first impression

5 Valuable Messages of Kiki's Delivery Service Anime

When she met Tombo Kopoli for the first time, Kiki was annoyed by the man's insensitive and overly passionate attitude. 

Because of that, Kiki kept trying to avoid Tombo as soon as possible. 

However, after she met Tombo one more time, she took the time to get to know the man. 

Later, Kiki realized that she was too quick to judge Tombo's personality.

After becoming good friends, Kiki shares her interests with Tombo. 

Kiki also tried many new things that she had never tried with this man. 

With enthusiasm, she enjoys a colorful daily life with a figure she once thought was annoying. 

From this incident, Kiki realized that first impressions could be wrong because it's possible that Tombo was deliberately acting in a way that he wasn't himself. 

She also began to learn to understand other people.

Winning an award at Animage's Anime Grand Prix Award in 1989, Kiki's Delivery Service has provided many valuable life lessons. 

From the protagonist Kiki, the five lessons above were conveyed well. 

If you are intrigued after listening to the reviews above, you can watch the anime Kiki's Delivery Service because there are other moral messages that you can emulate.

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