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One Piece 1078 Spoiler: Reason 1 of 6 Vegapunk Betrayed Revealed!


One Piece 1078 Spoiler: Reason 1 of 6 Vegapunk Betrayed Revealed!

Spoilers for One Piece 1078 started leaking on social media.

Leakers have started to reveal some spoilers regarding One Piece Chapter 1078 which is still located on Egghead Island.

Manga One Piece 1078 reveals the traitor who has been blocking the way of the Straw Hats and Vegapunk.

Apparently, the traitor in question is one of Vegapunk's six satellites.

According to the spoiler, it's not the traitor that is of concern.

But her motive for committing the betrayal.

Immediately, here are the instructions and spoilers for One Piece 1078 that are widely circulating on social media.

The first clue is a panel cut from One Piece chapter 441.

It looks like Portgas D Ace's hat fell to the ground.

It should be noted, this chapter tells of a duel between Ace against Marshall D Teach or Blackbeard.

The duel that took place on Banaro Island, Grand Line was won by Blackbeard and made Ace captured by the Marines.

This battle was the trigger for the Peak War that followed.

The above hint can mean many things.

First, this chapter will probably show the continuation of Blackbeard's story that is fighting Law to get his Devil Fruit and Road Poneglyph.

At the same time, Garp was also crossing the ocean to save Koby who was held by Blackbeard.

Second, this chapter will contain events that will trigger a major war in the future, such as the duel between Blackbeard vs Ace in chapter 441.

Third, it's also possible that the traitor in Egghead has some connection to Ace.

He committed treason because of the death of Gol D Roger's son.

The next clue circulating on social media is a gif of Vinsmoke Sanji.

It appears that he is using one of his techniques that emits fire from his feet, Diable Jambe.

This could indicate that Sanji will fight in One Piece chapter 1078.

It should be noted, he was furious with Seraphim Shark which was made based on Jinbei in the previous chapter.

It looks like the two of them will duel in this chapter.

An unconfirmed spoiler also reveals that the traitor has been revealed in this chapter.

Only, it wasn't the traitor that was surprising, but the ambition of this traitor.

His ambition was very high, he wanted something strong.

The traitor is someone we already know.

He is one of the Six Vegapunk.

The traitor in question is York.

There is no New Seraphim in One Piece 1078.

York has always had a "passion" aspect.

The form of desire leads him to greed, so York wants to be a complete Vegapunk without anything else.

York's passion has chosen to betray the people around him.

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