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One Piece 1078 Reddit Spoilers: Luffy VS Gorosei!

One Piece 1078 Reddit Spoilers: Luffy VS Gorosei!

One Piece chapter 1078 has been eagerly awaited by fans.

Luffy is expected to lose badly against the Gorosei on Egghead Island.

For your information, Egghead Island is a government-owned island which is the place for Dr. Vegapunk works.

Many great tools or technologies were created by Dr. Vegapunk.

One of them is the seraphim or humans who are made to look like shichibukai members.

Seraphim is a Pacifista special unit developed by the Marine Special Science Group.

They are human weapons built in the molds of former Shichibukai members in their youth.

The seraphim in One Piece chapter 1078 are seen fighting with Zoro and Luffy.

However, unfortunately Luffy had to be surprised by the arrival of Gorosei Saturn.

Gorosei Saturn's goal of going to Egghead Island is to take Nika's devil fruit that is in Luffy.

Gorosei Saturn who saw Luffy on Egghead Island immediately intensified their attacks.

However, Luffy, who was surprised at that time, was still able to fend off Gorosei Saturn's attack.

Luffy immediately took out his awakening power and attacked Gorosei Saturn.

A great battle ensued, Luffy had to struggle to defeat Gorosei Saturn.

Attack after attack continues to be built by Luffy.

However, it did not produce positive results.

In fact, it was Luffy who had to be injured due to an attack from Gorosei Saturn.

Gorosei Saturn only attacked Luffy once, but the attack left Luffy badly injured.

The Gorosei Saturn this time dominate Egghead Island.

Because, in One Piece chapter 1078 we saw Luffy being cornered while fighting Gorosei Saturn.

This indicates that Luffy's fate is at stake.

Of course, Luffy also has to be prepared to fight against a power beyond his expectations.

So far, Luffy hasn't felt the long-term effects of Gear 5 - when he becomes God Nika.

It seems that there are bad effects from awakening that Luffy hasn't felt yet.

It could be that Luffy will be weak if he uses Gear 5 too much, like he becomes small when using Gear 3.

But after the time skip, Luffy's body no longer shrinks after using Gear Third.

This led one reader to ask Oda in an SBS column that reads, "Oda-sensei, when Luffy uses Gear Third, he no longer shrinks."

"Is it because Luffy has grown?"

Then Oda replied, "The answer is because Luffy has grown."

"Luffy has been training with Rayleigh for 2 years so he can control Gear Second and Gear Third easily".

The funny thing is, Oda also explained that his staff also felt happy after hearing this fact.

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