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One Piece 1078 Reddit Spoilers: The Crash of Egghead and the Mystery of Elbaf Island

One Piece 1078 Reddit Spoilers: The Crash of Egghead and the Mystery of Elbaf Island

 Currently, the Nakama and all One Piece fans in the world are getting excited.

This is because One Piece chapter 1077 has been circulating for an unofficial version.

In One Piece 1078, the story of the Egghead island arc is presented with many extraordinary surprises.

Previously, the Redon spoiler indicated that Sentomaru ordered all Egghead residents to flee the island.

Sentomaru tells everyone about the Ohara incident where the island was completely destroyed by the world government and navy in such a terrible way.

Sentomaru said that something worse might happen to Egghead Island.

After the Egghead arc ends, the battle for the fourth Road Poneglyph will be even fiercer in the One Piece 1078 spoiler leak.

That way, it won't be long before the location of Laugh Tale will be revealed in One Piece 1078.

This hot situation occurred when the pirate Captain Kid visited one of the important islands in the One Piece story, namely Elbaf.

Kid's goal in coming to Elbaf until One Piece 1078 is to meet Jaguar D. Saul, whom he has been looking for all this time.

Previously, Kid had looked for him at Wano, when he talked about wanting to find someone with burns.

It is believed, the person with the burns that Kid is referring to is Saul who survived the buster call rampage in Ohara.

After the Ohara incident, it was discovered that Saul had received many burns due to the buster call. 

He was still alive at that time even though many suspected that Saul died from Aokiji's attack.

Then Saul rescued the remains of Ohara, namely the books along with other giants Elbaf.

According to Shaka, Saul left Ohara and took these historical books to Elbaf.

Launching from the Gamerant page, Ohara's legacy book most likely contains information about the Age of Void, Road Poneglyph to Laugh Tale.

So that's the reason why Kid and his crew were so eager to find Saul that they came to Elbaf.

On the other hand, Luffy and his crew have the potential to head to Elbaf after Egghead Island.

It will also be an emotional moment of reunion between Nico Robin and Jaguar D. Saul.

Besides that, if Luffy and his crew make it to Elbaf and meet Saul then the person closest to Robin will tell them about the last Road Poneglyph.

After all, it has been rumored for a long time that the fourth or final Road Poneglyph is in Elbaf.

Saul is also known about the mysteries of the world of One Piece especially the Void Century after bringing the books from Ohara.

But unfortunately, Luffy had to lose the start to Kid who had now reached Elbaf.

However, the path is not easy, Kid is intercepted by the pirate Akagami no Shanks.

If Kid wins against Shanks in One Piece 1078, then Luffy's path to Laugh Tale will be gone.

Pirate Kid immediately searched for Saul easily and got information about the last Road Poneglyph to go to Laugh Tale.

Thus, that's the One Piece 1078 spoiler leak regarding Jaguar D. Saul who is the one who determines between Luffy and Kid, who will go to the last island.

Disclaimer: This article is only predictive and entertainment, does not intend to precede the contents of the story.

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