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One Piece 1077 Spoilers: Seraphim's Weakness Finally Revealed

Even though the One Piece Chapter 1077 release schedule is on March 12, there have been many spoilers circulating regarding the next story.  

One of them is the exposure of Seraphim's weakness. The seraphim's weakness was revealed thanks to Zoro. The One Piece 1077 spoiler starts with Sentomaru telling everyone about the Ohara incident.

Furthermore, in the One Piece 1077 spoiler, it appears that Sentomaru ordered all workers at Egghead to flee the island and said that there was a high probability that something bad would happen there.

Meanwhile, in Luffy's group story, Shaka tells them his estimate that he already knows Stella's location.

After that, the battle that happened was resumed. Luffy and Zoro launched attacks on Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ and Shishi Sonson against Seraphim.

But unfortunately, the attacks of the two moves could not paralyze Seraphim. The Seraphim revived without taking any damage and even they were able to revive faster than before.

For a moment the battle stopped, Lucci and Luffy returned to their normal forms. Meanwhile, Zoro just realized that Seraphim somewhat resembles King.

Shaka, who heard it, explained that the blood taken from King was used to increase the strength of the Seraphim.

And only then did Zoro realize the Seraphim's weakness and asked his two colleagues to pay attention to the fire on the Seraphim's back. He said if when the fire went out, then they could attack him.

However, when the fire returns, they will be very difficult to beat and will even continue to rise again.

"Watch the flames on their backs. When the flames are out, you can attack them. But when the flames are lit they are practically invincible." said Zoro.

Lucci, Kaku, and Luffy immediately shouted in a high tone to Zoro, why did he just realize this.

"You should have realized that quickly" shouted Lucci, Luffy, and Kaku

Not only Luffy's group, it turns out that Nami's group is also struggling against Seraphim S-Shark and they also experience the same difficulties.

Nami attacks him by using Zeus with Raitel, but Seraphim S-Shark can still get up even though he has received the attack.

Meanwhile, in Usopp, Lilith, and Franky's group, they were faced with a clone of Boa Hancock's Seraphim S-Snake.

Franky used the bubble he was holding to pin S-Snake to the ground. This made her hurt to the point of crying.

Franky, who felt guilty, finally apologized to S-Snake and his uniqueness made Franky's hand slip and S-Snake managed to escape.

Meanwhile, S-Snake finally attacked Usopp and Lilith using the Mero Mero no Mi, causing both of them to turn to stone.

On the other hand, Shaka, who had previously said goodbye to Luffy, was seen walking towards the Old Devil Fruit Research Room in the basement which looked dark like a laboratory and was neglected.

Shaka finally found a secret dungeon. However, he was very surprised when he saw Stella and all the Cipher Pol agents there.

Shaka rushed to untie Stella. But Stella saw a black shadow behind Shaka and asked if he came with someone else.

Shaka who heard it immediately fell silent and turned around to look behind where one could see the shadow of someone climbing the stairs.

The shadow suddenly shot Shaka's head and this made Stella very surprised.

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