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One Piece 1078 Spoilers Reddit: This is a Mysterious Traitor's Clue!

One Piece 1078 Spoilers Reddit: This is a Mysterious Traitor's Clue!

There are some big clues that could be a clue as to who the mysterious traitor on Egghead Island in the manga One Piece is. 

The fans are currently curious about who the mysterious figure is that terrorized the Vegapunk satellites, the Straw Hat crew, and even the CP0 troops on Egghead Island. 

The reason is, they target almost all parties.

The traitor element is again presented by Eiichiro Oda in the Egghead storyline which is still running today. 

Previously, the fans were also surprised by the presence of a traitor in the Red Scabbards group in the Wano arc. 

This time, the same thing reappeared which made the fans wonder who this figure was. However, there are some clues that might answer this curiosity.

Mysterious Figure In Eggehad

One Piece 1078 Spoilers Reddit: This is a Mysterious Traitor's Clue!

Various strange events have started happening on Egghead Island since chapter 1071 yesterday. 

Everyone was amazed by the defense system on the island that suddenly died. 

CP0 itself suspects that this is a trap on the part of Vegapunk. 

Meanwhile, from Vegapunk's side, he did not feel that he had turned off the defense system or gave an order to turn it off.

After the defense system suddenly shut down, another strange moment occurred when Pythagoras was suddenly attacked and then his body exploded. 

Luckily, Pythagoras survived the sabotage after being discovered by Nami and the others. 

Then, strange events continued after the incident where a black shadow appeared that destroyed all the surveillance cameras.

The mysterious figure was later found to have kidnapped the real Vegapunk or Stella and locked her in an underground lab that was previously a research area for devil fruit. 

The fact was later revealed that it was not only Vegapunk who was trapped or locked up in the prison, but also Cipher Pol agents who were thought to have disappeared in the ocean a few months ago.

Finally, the most recent happened in chapter 1077 where Shaka managed to find the location of the original Vegapunk. 

However, unbeknownst to him, this mysterious figure knows of Shaka's arrival. 

He then shoots Shaka in the head from a distance, which shocks Vegapunk and other Cipher Pol agents. 

Most likely Shaka died after the incident.

Two Important Hints

One Piece 1078 Spoilers Reddit: This is a Mysterious Traitor's Clue!

Based on what happened, there were two important clues that emerged and we can draw conclusions about this mysterious traitor. 

The first was that he hated the World Government side. 

This clue appeared based on two things, namely how Seraphim was ordered to attack Rob Lucci and Kaku who were part of CP0.

Then, we also see that the Cipher Pol agents are locked up and left alone for months. 

Meanwhile, we can see how this figure locked Vegapunk in a different cell from the Cipher Pol agents. 

That means he still has empathy for the scientist and doesn't want him to get hurt. 

Logically, if he wanted to, this figure could have killed Vegapunk, considering that Vegapunk is the target of the World Government.

The second clue is that this mysterious figure might also hate or hold a grudge against the Straw Hats. 

This can be seen how Seraphim was ordered to attack the Straw Hat crew as well. 

Of course, these two clues can be the first clue to reveal who the mysterious traitor on Egghead Island is, who has been terrorizing everyone.

Who is this figure?

One Piece 1078 Spoilers Reddit: This is a Mysterious Traitor's Clue!

This then becomes the big question and will still be difficult to answer for now. 

Even so, based on the two clues above, there are several candidates who might be suspected of being the culprit. 

The first is Donquixote Doflamingo. 

You might be surprised by this, considering that the last time Doflamingo appeared he was in prison.

However, it is not impossible if Doflamingo is able to get out of Impel Down. 

He could have taken advantage of the advantage or privilege he had as a descendant of the celestial dragon or by running away. 

Why Doflamingo? 

It is known that he hates the World Government for what happened before, where they refused to restore the status of the sky dragon before being blackmailed by Doflamingo.

He is also likely to have grudges with Luffy and the Straw Hats for his defeat at Dressrosa. 

Also, Doflamingo talked about the war for power. 

As a figure who is hungry for power, it is possible that Doflamingo also wants to be involved in this battle. 

Apart from Doflamingo, it is also suspected that the mysterious figure who became a traitor on Egghead Island is Seraphim Doflamingo.

This is because Seraphim was created based on former Shichibukai. And Seraphim Doflamingo is known to have not appeared until now. 

It could also be that Caribou was the culprit. 

He may not be strong or intelligent, but he is an opportunist. 

With his Numa Numa devil fruit power, Caribou can hide and move from one place to another.

On the other hand, Caribou's fate is still mysterious even now, even though he is aboard the Thousan Sunny. 

Lastly, there is a possibility that another figure will appear, namely a new character. 

Oda Sensei always presents a new character in every arc, which means that it is not impossible if we will get a new character in the Egghead arc and that figure is the traitor.

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