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Boruto 79 Spoilers: Eida Shows Her Godly Power!

Boruto 79 Spoilers: Eida Shows Her Godly Power!

The latest spoiler for manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generation chapter 79 has become a hot topic of discussion for fans, because it presents an epic storyline that is completely unexpected. 

Fans of the manga Boruto are currently in a state of tension with what's happening in the story. 

As shown in the previous chapter, Kawaki who is fed up with the Otsutsuki finally decides to move on his own.

After kidnapping Naruto and Hinata and saving them both in a dimension, Kawaki then did terrible things by attacking everyone. Boruto is one of them. 

In fact, Boruto is Kawaki's main target. Fans were then curious about what happened next and spoilers for chapter 79 finally circulated on social media.

Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 79

Boruto 79 Spoilers: Eida Shows Her Godly Power!

Then, what happened in manga Boruto chapter 79? The chapter is known as "Almighty" or "Omnipotent" which can be interpreted as "God-Powered Figure" or "Almighty".

This new chapter opens with a continuation of what happened in the previous chapter, where Boruto holds his hand due to an injury caused by Kawaki's attack.

Shikamaru himself has decided to form a search group to find Kawaki's whereabouts. 

The figure of Kawaki himself managed to escape with help from Momoshiki. 

When everyone started looking for Kawaki, Mitsuki also joined in. 

Boruto asks Sarada to accompany Mitsuki, because he is worried about his partner's safety.

Meanwhile, Kawaki himself is still trying to "disappear" by removing his chakra. 

He hoped that no one would be able to trace his whereabouts. However, in the end, Kawaki must be exhausted as a result of this. 

And in the end, using her Senrigan, Eida was able to find Kawaki's whereabouts. 

Daemon actually said that he wanted to go too, but Eida ignored him and immediately went to see Kawaki.

When Eida later manages to find Kawaki, she assures Kawaki that she is on his side. Kawaki, who was overcome by the greatest desire to protect Naruto's figure then expressed what he wanted to Eida. 

Kawaki mentioned that he wished he could trade places/swap fate with Boruto as the son of Uzumaki Naruto. 

And Boruto is in Kawaki's position as a foreigner/someone from the outside.

It is at this moment that we see how awesome Senrigan Eida's true power is. 

Eida grants a request from Kawaki who wants to change fate with Boruto. 

Holding Kawaki's face, Eida then released an aura from within him. 

And with the power of a powerful god within her, Eida finally changed history where fate and life between Boruto and Kawaki exchanged.

Other Spoilers

Boruto 79 Spoilers: Eida Shows Her Godly Power!

Thanks to what Eida did, now Boruto has turned into an enemy for Konoha. 

He is considered to be the one who "killed" Uzumaki Naruto. 

Meanwhile, everyone now thinks that Kawaki is Naruto's son. He was born and raised in Konoha. 

This also made the prediction that Momoshiki had said before begin to come true.

We then see how Mitsuki uses Sage Mode and gets angry at Boruto, for thinking he has committed a terrible crime. 

Mitsuki then attacked Boruto, thinking he was Konoha's main enemy. 

Even so, at the end of the chapter there is one very interesting thing where it is shown that Sarada Uchiha is not affected by Eida's powerful power.

In the last panel of the chapter, Momoshiki appears who then explains what really happened at that time to Boruto. 

The moment that was presented in chapter 79 inevitably surprised the fans. 

This is natural because, everyone did not expect that Eida had such terrible power. 

He was able to "change history" drastically. And this also raises the question, what will be the next fate of Kawaki and Boruto.

On the other hand, how Sarada Uchiha was later unaffected by Eida's powers has led to speculations about the possibility that Eida didn't actually change history. 

In this case, Eida influences everyone's thoughts and memories by thinking that Boruto is Kawaki and vice versa. 

This also seems to reinforce the previous speculation that Sarada is indeed resistant to Genjutsu attacks and what Eida herself presents is similar to Genjutsu.

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