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One Piece 1079 Spoiler Reddit: Luffy Defends Gorosei's Attack!

One Piece 1079 Spoiler Reddit: Luffy Defends Gorosei's Attack!

Vegapunk 06's clone, York, appears again in Eiichiro Oda's spoiler manga One Piece chapter 1079.

Where in the One Piece manga in chapter 1079, York will kill the real Vegapunk, Stella.

In chapter 1079, the real Vegapunk's body already knows York is a traitor.

Apart from that, One Piece 1079 will continue the story on Egghead Island where there will soon be a devastating war.

The war is predicted to be bigger than the Marineford war, even Sentomaru predicts that Egghead will become the second Ohara.

So what causes the war in Egghead as much as it will take place?

The big war in Egghead was sparked by Luffy and crew arriving at Egghead earlier, why Luffy and his crew were just stranded.

However, Morgan, through his world economics newspaper, even described that Luffy intended to kidnap Dr. Vegapunk.

Of course, this news made the world of One Piece excited and shocked, because the new Yonkou had the guts to steal Vegapunk, which is a valuable asset for the World Government.

In addition, the trigger for Egghead's war was caused by the world government itself sending war troops to Egghead.

The troops sent first were CP0 agents, and the second troop was the navy.

For the Marines themselves, they unsparingly brought a large fleet to surround Egghead Island.

The Marine fleet was directly led by Admiral Kizaru, and no less epic Gorosei joined the group.

Luffy VS Gorosei

One Piece 1079 Spoiler Reddit: Luffy Defends Gorosei's Attack!

The Gorosei whose name has been revealed is Jaygarcia Saturn.

Until now there are still many secrets from the figure of the Gorosei.

For other Gorosei names, we are still waiting for Oda's disclosure.

The Gorosei are actually part of the Celestial Dragon or also known as the Tenryuubito!

Even though they are Tenryuubito, none of the Gorosei who wear Tenryuubito's signature clothes have bubbles on their heads.

But as a member of the highest Tenryuubito, the Gorosei also have the authority to summon Marine admirals if they are attacked!

The Gorosei are now ordering Marines to attack Egghead.

They have considered that Vegapunk is not in line with their vision and mission.

Luffy seems to be holding back Gorosei and Marnie's attacks in Nika mode.

For your information, Nika is a mythical warrior who was once worshiped as the God of the Sun by slaves from ancient times. 

He was first mentioned by Who's-Who who heard about the legend from a prison guard during his imprisonment by the World Government.

Can Luffy withstand Gorosei attacks with his Gear 5 or Nika modes?

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