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One Piece: Is Perona the Daughter of Gecko Moria?

One Piece: Is Perona the Daughter of Gecko Moria?

Given Perona's dedication to finding Gecko Moria, many One Piece fans have speculated that she is Moria's daughter. 

However, is this true? 

Is there another motive behind Perona's search for Moria? 

Chapter 1080 surprised fans when Monkey D. Garp finally reappeared, this time with other SWORD members to save Koby, who was kidnapped on Beehive Island. 

The chapter also showcased SWORD's power, Garp's abilities, and even Blackbeard's devil fruit power. 

However, what fans may have missed is the return of Perona, who was on a mission to rescue Gecko Moria.

Who is Perona?

One Piece: Is Perona the Daughter of Gecko Moria?

Perona was first introduced in the Thriller Bark arc before the timeskip. 

The Straw Hat crew found themselves trapped on a giant ship filled with terrifying zombies created by Dr. Hogback. 

The main villain, Gecko Moria, also threatened their lives by stealing their shadows. 

Perona was one of the "Mysterious Four," a group of four people who ruled over Thriller Bark Island, along with Dr. Hogback and Absalom. 

They all became enemies of the Straw Hat crew, including Perona, who was difficult to defeat.

Perona's devil fruit power is called Horo Horo, which creates a ghost that can change the mood of her opponent. 

Her signature move is the Negative Hollow, which can turn someone into a negative and pessimistic person. 

This was demonstrated when Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji lost their spirits after encountering Perona's ghost. However, the power doesn't work on those who are already negative, like Usopp. 

After Moria's defeat, Perona was sent to Kuraigana Island, where Mihawk took care of her.

During the timeskip, Zoro met Perona again on Kuraigana Island, and she helped him prepare for his journey. 

Perona started looking for Moria's whereabouts and found out he was still alive through a newspaper. 

Like Zoro, Perona left Kuraigana to search for Moria.

After Perona's absence, she reappeared in chapter 1080, where she freed Koby from prison on Beehive Island. 

However, Koby had to help her find and rescue Moria from his cell. 

While Koby is now out of prison, Moria's fate remains unknown. 

Perona Putri Gecko Moria

One Piece: Is Perona the Daughter of Gecko Moria?

Looking at Perona's extraordinary concern for Gecko Moria and her extraordinary dedication to finding his whereabouts has sparked many speculations among fans. 

One interesting possibility is that Perona may be the daughter of the former Shichibukai.

The two points mentioned above are considered early clues to this speculation. 

Why would Perona bother to search for and find Moria's whereabouts if there is no special connection between them? 

On the other hand, we can also look at this from the perspective of Jewelry Bonney. Bonney and Perona experienced almost the same events.

If Perona experienced an event where Gecko Moria was attacked and defeated before disappearing and being detained, then Bonney must have experienced a terrible event where Kuma lost his humanity and became a Pacifista. 

In the story, we also see how Bonney has long sought revenge against the World Government and Vegapunk.

Bonney wants Vegapunk to restore her father to his former self, as shown in the Egghead arc. 

So, it makes sense if Perona is possibly the daughter of Gecko Moria. 

However, whether Perona is a biological or adopted daughter, and what their meeting story is like, we still have to wait for further clues or information from Eiichiro Oda.

Other Speculations

One Piece: Is Perona the Daughter of Gecko Moria?

Although the speculation that Perona is Gecko Moria's daughter is interesting, there are other speculations as to why Perona is so determined to find Moria. 

One is that they are very close colleagues. 

Although Perona, Absalom, and Dr. Hogback are considered Moria's subordinates, Perona regards their relationship as more than just colleagues.

This can be seen when Gecko Moria found out that Absalom was kidnapped by Blackbeard, he immediately went to Beehive Island to save him. 

Unfortunately, Absalom was not lucky as he was killed by Blackbeard's crew, and Moria was eventually detained. 

Nevertheless, this is evidence that their relationship was very good and close.

This is also what Perona may be doing now, where although Moria is her master, she regards Moria as very kind to her. 

Therefore, she tries to repay him by trying to save him. 

And the good relationship between them is what makes Perona continue to try to find Moria's whereabouts. 

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