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Jujutsu Kaisen: 7 Interesting Facts about Ryu Ishigori, The Curse Cannon

In the latest chapter of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, there is a character who becomes a victim of the vicious Sukuna who has just taken control of Megumi's body. 

He is Ryu Ishigori, an ancient wizard who was defeated by Yuta in the Sendai colony.

What are some interesting facts about Ryu Ishigori? Here's the list!

1. One of the magicians of the ancient era with the greatest output of curse energy

This is revealed in a flashback to Kenjaku and Hajime Kashimo's conversation.

Kenjaku once said that in Michinoku, there was someone who was known to have a curse energy output equivalent to that of a cannon.

Well, that person is Ishigori himself who is indeed a magician from the same era as Hajime Kashimo.

2. Always portrays fighting as eating sweets

For some reason, Ishigori always describes the battles he takes on as if he were enjoying a sweet.

If you get the battle situation you want, Ishigori will say that the dining table is ready.

He also describes how strong his enemy is with sweet words. The cuter for Ishigori means the opponent is very strong.

If Ishigori managed to get a satisfying fight regardless of whether he won or lost, he would say that he was full.

3. Has the Cursed Energy Discharge technique

As a magician, Ishigori has a curse technique called Cursed Energy Discharge.

As the name implies, Ishigori can shoot curse energy like a laser cannon.

Unmitigated, the destructive power itself is extraordinary where the man can destroy several city blocks in one shot.

Not only that, Ishigori can also make branching shots in a row, so it takes a high level of speed and agility to be able to avoid his barrage of shots.

4. Known to be able to use Domain Expansion

Apart from his destructive curse technique, Ishigori is also known to be able to use the Domain Expansion technique.

He is shown using the technique alongside Yuta and Uro.

However, because the three of them simultaneously released their techniques, the Domain Expansion collapsed so it was unknown what kind of domain the mages were in.

5. Even though he excels at pure attacks, Ishigori will have a hard time with enemies who can reverse attacks

Despite the strong output of his cursed energy, Ishigori has a weakness.

He will be in trouble if he fights enemies who have the ability to reverse attacks.

For example, Uro who is able to manipulate space can make Ishigori's attack return to the user.

Yuta himself is known to have won because he managed to imitate Uro's technique to return Ishigori's shot.

6. Yuta is the only person so far who can make Ishigori full of fights

Of all the enemies he has ever faced, Yuta is someone who is considered special to Ishigori.

The reason is because Yuta managed to give him a satisfying fight and made him able to bring out his full strength.

Because of that, Ishigori had so much respect for Yuta after their fight ended.

7. In the latest chapter of the manga, he is shown to have lost to Sukuna

Ishigori's fate in the last chapter is very tragic.

After Yuta, Ishigori even had an enemy above his level, Sukuna.

They themselves had a duel where Ishigori only suffered one slash from Sukuna. This made the king of the curse amazed and praised the strength of the ancient magician.

When Ishigori was about to shoot an enemy with Granite Blast, his head was cut off by Sukuna's technique.

Those are interesting facts about Ryu Ishigori, the ancient wizard that Yuta once fought.

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