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Hunter x Hunter: Revealed Why Gon and Killua Won't Appear in The Dark Continent Arc

The Hunter x Hunter manga is confirmed to return with a new chapter after a 3 year hiatus.

This news makes fans quite happy but there are things that make fans disappointed.

Some leekers mentioned that the Hunter x Hunter manga will be released in the latest arc continuation, the Dark Continent Arc.

However, Hunter x Hunter fans must be a little disappointed because Gon and Killua are said to not be appearing in the Dark Continent Arc.

So, what causes Gon and Killua not to appear in the Dark Continent Arc?

As Hunter x Hunter fans know, before going on hiatus Gon had said goodbye to Killua after dropping him off to meet Ging; his father.

Gon almost died because he had to endure quite a lot of damage after his fight against Neferpitou; one of King Meruem's bodyguards.

Seeing Gon dying, Killua asks his sister for help; Alluka who has supernatural powers in the other personality and is named Nanika.

On Alluka's orders, Nanika heals Gon as usual.

However, currently Gon can't use Nen anymore and has also lost the ability to see his own aura.

This is the main reason why Gon will not appear in the Dark Continent Arc.

It is still unknown whether Gon will eventually regain his Nen abilities, or if he will not be able to use Nen forever.

What is clear, now Gon decides to return to Whale Island and live an ordinary life with Aunt Mito.

What about Killua?

Last time, Killua decided to go on an adventure with Alluka as a form of gratitude for healing Gon.
In addition, Killua also wants to make amends for letting Alluka live confined in a special room for the Zoldyck family.

As Hunter x Hunter fans know, Alluka was locked up because he was considered to have terrible power.
So, these two explanations are sufficient to describe why Gon and Killua don't appear in the Dark Continent Arc.

Focus on Kurapika and Leorio

It is stated that in the Dark Continent Arc, the focus of the Hunter x Hunter manga story will be around the two main characters who are often forgotten, Kurapika and Leorio.

If you flashback to the Hunter x Hunter manga series before the hiatus, Kurapika himself last appeared in the Yorknew City Arc or often also called the Phantom Troupe Arc.

While Leorio himself, was last seen in the Hunter x Hunter manga in the 13th Hunter Association Leader Election Arc.

At that time Leorio was even shown to be very conspicuous because he hit Ging Freecss; his father Gon Freecss was just as the voting for the Hunter Association Chair candidate was taking place.

Kurapika and Leorio served as bodyguards for the infant 14th Prince.

The Dark Continent arc is said to be one of the 'craziest' arcs in the Hunter x Hunter series.

Not without reason, besides Leorio and Kurapika, the Dark Continent Arc will bring out some of the strong characters that were introduced in the previous chapter such as Hisoka, members of the Genei Ryodan, former Zodiacs, etc.

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