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5 Successful One Piece Anime Characters Without Privileges

5 Successful One Piece Anime Characters Without Privileges

The popular shounen anime series One Piece has repeatedly compared hard work to natural talent. 

Some of these anime characters are indeed born with enormous privileges and talents. 

However, some of the other characters don't have anything, so more hard work is needed.

Whether through heroic or evil paths, those born from nothingness must strive beyond those gifted with natural talent. 

However, they never blame circumstances. 

They show that a person without the slightest advantage can become strong. 

As proof, here are five successful One Piece anime characters without privileges.

1. Portgas D. Ace

5 Successful One Piece Anime Characters Without Privileges

Portgas D. Ace's status as Gol D. Roger's son became an active barrier. 

This resulted in the death of his mother and made him a priority target for the World Government. 

Like Monkey D. Luffy, he spends most of his time adventuring while imagining what life on the high seas would be like.

Ace challenged himself because of his strong dream. 

He proved that he could achieve that dream by joining the Whitebeard Pirates. 

He also became Shirohige's strongest lieutenant, he could even survive against Akainu alone. 

He shows that he is as important as his father even though he was born without privileges.

2. Koala

5 Successful One Piece Anime Characters Without Privileges

Koala was once a girl enslaved by a Celestial Dragon before being freed by Fisher Tiger. 

Indirectly, Koala and Tiger made the Celestial Dragon roar with fury, making it increasingly difficult for the servants and humans to make amends. 

However, she also didn't want to waste Tiger's sacrifice.

Therefore, Koala trains to become a member of the influential Revolutionary Army until Koala becomes one of Monkey D. Dragon's most active and competent agents. 

She also trained Nico Robin during the timeskip, which contributed to defeating Black Maria during the battle and determining Onigashima years later.

3. Nico Robin

5 Successful One Piece Anime Characters Without Privileges

Nico Robin had to lose everything during the World Government's invasion of Ohara because he didn't want the secret behind the Void Century to be revealed. 

As a result, Robin spent more than a decade on the run until Robin was believed to be a child of the devil by people out there.

Even so, Robin was able to meet Monkey D. Luffy thanks to the knowledge of poneglyphs. 

She was beginning to understand its value, as a translator or an individual. 

It was this understanding that made her risk everything in Enies Lobby as long as he could keep her life.

4. Charlotte Linlin

5 Successful One Piece Anime Characters Without Privileges

When she was little, Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom was abandoned and raised by Mother Carmel. 

Given that Mother Carmel was someone who sold promising children to the World Government, Linlin didn't have anyone to back her up either. 

Linlin was feared and reviled among the giants due to her destructive abilities.

Big Mom also eliminated all members of her adoptive family. 

However, she does not remember the incident. Linlin believes that she has been abandoned again. 

She opened a new chapter with the Rocks Pirates because she didn't want to sink. 

Later, she opened her own criminal enterprise after the Rocks Pirates disbanded.

5. Boa Hancock

5 Successful One Piece Anime Characters Without Privileges

Boa Hancock spent most of the time Hancock had as a Celestial Dragon's slave. 

Not only the physical scars, the brand that was purposely stamped on her back also left a huge mental scar. 

As a result of receiving such brutal treatment, she decided that Hancock hated men.

Despite her past, Hancock becomes the empress of Amazon Lily, a feared pirate. 

Hancock was also recognized by the Marines for having qualified strength, he was even offered to become a warlord. 

Finally, Hancock accepted the offer because her refusal could endanger Amazon Lily.

Even though they don't have any advantages, the five successful One Piece anime characters without any of the above privileges prove that people who don't have any privileges can also lead lives that they think are better. 

So, apart from those listed above, are there any other One Piece anime characters that deserve to stand on this list?

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