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One Piece 1077 Spoilers: Zoro's Awakening Against Seraphim Mihawk

One Piece fans are made even more curious and excited ahead of the release of chapter 1077.

How not, the Egghead arc presents many big secrets and extraordinary surprises in One Piece 1077.

One of the most extraordinary spoilers for One Piece 1077 is the theory that finally Zoro, with his awakened hidden powers, faces Seraphim Hawk, who has the combined powers of Mihawk and Mr.1.

Previously, in the Wano arc, the awakening of Luffy's true devil fruit power was presented, which turned out to be the legendary devil fruit Nika, who the world government is hunting for because it is feared it could threaten the power of the One Piece universe.

Coupled with the chef from the Straw Hat pirate crew who has now been crowned and captain as the new Yonkou aka Emperor of the Sea after defeating Kaido.

Sanji also seemed to have awakened when he realized there was something wrong with his body that he had thought was just an ordinary human.

But it turns out that in theory, Sanji is the most perfect experiment from the Vinsmoke family.

It can be seen that when Luffy and Sanji awakened, they were finally able to conquer big opponents who were nicknamed the strongest humans, namely Kaido and Queen.

Mr.1 himself is a formidable opponent that Zoro faced desperately during the Arabasta Arc and has a special specialty as a unique fellow swordsman.

So it's only natural that fans around the world predict that this is where Zoro's real hidden power awakens, not when he faces King in Wano.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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