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One Piece 1077 Reddit Spoiler: Garp Finally Survived! Who Is The Figure That Makes Blackbeard Retreat?

Leaked manga One Piece 1077 states, Garp survived thanks to Shanks.

Being in Elbaf and fighting Kid turned out to be what Shanks had planned, even the red-haired pirate's clever tactics managed to save Monkey D Garp from Blackbeard's hands in One Piece 1077.

It's hard to understand, but according to the One Piece 1077 leak, Shanks' clever tactic managed to prevent Garp from dying.

Monkey D Garp had to be cornered when facing Blackbeard, one of the savage yonkou in One Piece, even Luffy's grandfather's life was threatened before he was finally saved by Shanks.

According to the One Piece 1077 spoiler, Garp's life was saved from Blackbeard's hands after Shanks' clever tactic that came to the Beehive.

As is known, he was on Beehive Island to save his crew, Coby, who was kidnapped by Blackbeard.
Coby's rescue on Beehive Island still seems to be in the spotlight.

The reason is that it determines whether Garp will be able to defeat Blackbeard, because Garp's strength is now limited by his old age.

With Coby's kidnapping, Garp is set to take center stage in One Piece 1077.

Meanwhile, there is a theory that Garp will be helped by the Red Hair Pirate, Shanks.

Shanks is currently heading to Beehive Island to save Garp on the mission to free Koby.

How could that be? It turns out that in the redit forum leak, the Yonkou, who finally fought Kid in Elbaf, was able to move places after the duel.

The mystery of Elbaf Island is not just a race of giants and poneglyphs, but there is a portal left by an ancient kingdom from the void century.

The portal was found by Shanks after defeating Kid.

Shanks then used the portal to go to the Beehive, in theory, Shanks was aiming to save Garp's life from Blackbeard's hands.

Shanks' arrival on Beehive Island again brings surprises in the story of One Piece.

Eiichiro Oda seems to have designed Shanks to create world peace on the Beehive island.

Garp's fall in the fight against Blackbeard made Shanks also defend Garp and fight back against Blackbeard to stop the fight between the two.

Shanks' arrival on Beehive Island made Kurohige helpless and away.

Kurohige backed off not because he was afraid, but because he ran out of energy against Garp and against Law as well before.

Previously Shanks was afraid of Blackbeard.

This is because Shanks once had memories of the wound on his face that he got from Blackbeard.

But Shanks' weakness cannot necessarily be assumed that he is not an opponent comparable to Blackbeard.

On the one hand, Shanks' weakness can be countered, considering Blackbeard has an overly weak against his self-confidence.

Blackbeard's particular weakness is his overconfidence which makes him careless.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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