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One Punch Man: Interesting Facts about Apollo Member of the Tsukuyomi Group

In One Punch Man chapter 179,finally it was revealed the name of someone from Tsukuyomi's emissary who planned to buy Psykos for the benefit of his organization. It was he, Apollo, the male esper who had made Tatsumaki and Fubuki speechless.

Check out some of the following interesting facts about Apollo:

1. Not in the webcomic version

Fans who have read the webcomic will definitely feel a significant difference in the story since Murata added a new character.

Basically, Apollo is the original manga version of the character, so Murata's version of the story is very different from what ONE made in his previous webcomic.

This appearance also makes the battle sequence that took place while in Psykos' prison cell to be different from the webcomic version.

2. Appeared in chapter 175 but his name was only revealed in chapter 179

Apollo himself has appeared a long time ago in chapter 175 to be precise.

However, his identity had not been revealed at that time, so he was better known to readers as the Tsukuyomi messenger.

His own name was later discovered to be Apollo. This was revealed from the dialogue of the new Blizzard traitor who asked about his partner's condition in chapter 179.

3. Known to be the messenger of Tsukuyomi

During his debut, Apollo spoke several times about his organization called Tsukuyomi.

Seeing his position as a messenger in the transaction to get Psykos, we can predict that Apollo can be said to be quite an important person in Tsukuyomi.

From Tatsumaki's talk in chapter 176, Tsukuyomi is a telekinesis research organization that once made this rank 2 hero a test subject in the past.

4. Sent to buy Psykos for Third Eye

Apollo's purpose in coming to the Hero Association's own detention facility was to obtain Psykos.

The goal itself is very clear, namely to get a Third Eye which does have benefits for the progress of the organization. Apollo himself reveals that the Third Eye can be obtained by craniotomy surgery to Psykos' head.

Unfortunately, his attempt failed miserably due to intervention from Fubuki and Tatsumaki.

5. Apollo's revealed abilities

As a messenger from Tsukuyomi, Apollo's own ability is telekinesis, just like Fubuki and Tatsumaki.

Even though their strengths are somewhat similar, Apollo has a unique gesture where he often uses his two fingers to draw out his strength.

Apollo's telekinesis power itself is quite strong. He was still able to paralyze Psykos who had gone berserk until he was unconscious and restrained Tatsumaki's movements when the woman was distracted by Fubuki's condition.

However, Apollo's strength is still below Tatsumaki's. He also had to use cunning methods to be able to use his telekinesis on the female esper.

Apart from his telekinesis, Apollo's physical endurance is also quite great. He was still able to stand even though he was hit by a wave of Tatsumaki's telekinesis.

6. The type of person who is cunning and good at escaping

Despite his strength under Tatsumaki, Apollo proves that he is quite dangerous when it comes to strategizing.

He has been preparing for this plan since the beginning by infiltrating agents into the Blizzard group to implant capsules into Fubuki's body.

Thanks to that, Apollo was able to incapacitate Fubuki easily so Tatsumaki was distracted. At that moment, the man managed to subdue the rank 2 hero with his telekinetic power.

Unfortunately, his attempt failed miserably because he was distracted by Saitama's action of slaughtering the monsters, so Tatsumaki managed to turn things around and instead caught Apollo and his intruders.

Apollo is also a person who is good at escaping. Even though Tatsumaki had trapped him in a ball made of building debris, Apollo was still able to escape with his comrades.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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